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Largest Gathering of Hutts in Hutt Night History

November 11, 2013

GNN reporter Daana Kira attended the latest Hutt Night.

Black Hole Casino, Nar Shaddaa: A large gathering of Hutts descended upon the casino’s stage to hear from the public on possible business ventures. Most likely the largest group of Hutts assembled, the gathering included Tiro, Jaco, Nerous, Azalus, Slama, and Magus the Hutts, Several other unidentified Hutts were also present. Also attending were Sihivus Verne, Jay who is acting head of security, and several majordomo’s such as Morrigan.

With so many Hutts in attendance, it was inevitable that disagreements should arise, especially when it was unclear the actual status and their position on the council. Furthermore, several of the Hutts were either knew or had been absent for quite some time and their knowledge of the happenings on Nar Shaddaa and amongst the Hutt Council were limited. This night saw disagreements over the status of the press at the public event, the status of who was providing security, the status of some of the staff, and the status of the Hutts themselves. Most of the disagreements haven’t been resolved and hopefully other elder members of the Council will help clear the confusion when they return. The night however was free of violence, probably due to the large amounts of food being provided.

Large gathering of Hutts at Hutt Night.

In the midst of the disagreements, at least three propositions were brought before the Hutts. First to speak was Lynu, though her speech was mainly for Miss Verne. She wished for Verne’s cooperation in confronting a special partner of the Imperius’ leader who was being accused of harming the consort of Lynu. Verne agreed to speak to the Chiss on the matter and a meeting was set for a later time.

Following Lynu, a Twi’lek took to the stage requesting an audience from Issulla the Hutt. The matter was most likely over a job position and Nerous the Hutt agreed to set up the meeting.

Next to speak was Sparrow of the Apotheosis Corporation. First she told Magus the Hutt she had a shipment ready for him. Secondly she petitioned that Azalus the Hutt be added to the Council so her work with the Hutts would work smoother and she would have a direct contact with someone who knew her business. Nerous invited Azalus though his position may not be finalized until a vote by the Council.

Finally, Sparrow also spoke about a recent bounty she placed on the pirate lord, Jes’tula Tor’dok. Sparrow stated she had been offered three million credits to capture the well-known pirate but knew the Hutts had also planted a bounty on him and she wished to know their intentions on a price. She was told the Hutts would pay 4 million for his head and that seems to be the highest bid so far.

Finishing out the night was a proposition by Slama the Hutt to obtain more goods through Sparrow and to meet with her on Bakura soon. And with that the night came to an end.”

-Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira