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Several Announcements at Hutt Night

November 17, 2013

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest Hutt Night.

Black Hole Casino, Nar Shaddaa: Once again a sizable crowd attended the latest public audience given by the Hutt Council known as Hutt Night. In attendance were Shaka, Oobajudda, and Apex the Hutts. Sihivus Verne as well as Hutt staff such as Shaka’s majordomo Morrigan, and head of Hutt security, Jay, were in attendance.

Several Announcements being made at Hutt Night.

Starting out the night was a discussion between the Hutts as to their current business transactions. The council seemed please with their individual profits and Oobajudda gave a summary of his current business ventures. Dabbling in several sectors his most profitable are in the spice, chemical, and drink industries. Not only providing medicines to the medical sector, but his industries also compounds custom chemicals for several purposes, including recreation. With this expertise his family also owns a profitable winery, whose products are sold galaxy-wide.

Shaka also told of his recent ventures into the geological sectors and offered the other Hutts a partnership to begin mining for different resources in their territories. The others seem to agree and this may open up a wealth of jobs in those areas. Morrigan was tasked to draft the contract of any finds.

Also in the beginning stages were talks amongst the Hutts and Miss Verne about the formation of galactic events such as the Great Hunt. As Miss Verne is head of the bounty hunter guild, its very likely that another Great Hunt will take place and announcements should come as soon as the event is set.

Oobajudda also announced his attentions to start trying to unite Hutt clans across the galaxy to form a larger and more powerful Hutt Empire. Several members of the audience and the Hutt Council were doubtful that such an arrangement could be made, with the independent culture of the Hutts and their tactics to expand profits at the loss of their fellow Hutts. However, Oobajudda didn’t seemed swayed by the nay-sayers and only time will tell if his efforts bear any fruit.

Next to come before the council was Jay who wished to talk on some security matters. His first request was to clarify the standing of the press at the Hutt Night event, since Tiro the Hutt had made announcements at previous gatherings that the press should be barred. Shaka the Hutt stated that since he owned the casino and wished for the press to attend they would be allowed. If other Hutts disagreed they would have to take it up with the entire council to decide on the matter. However, he cautioned the press about what to report on as certain elements may not take kindly for their business to be aired.

Secondly Jay made the announcement that the Nar Shaddaa Security facilities were almost complete and that announcements to recruit additional security personnel are being sent out. There are several openings and those that are interested should contact Jay, Morrigan or another security personnel to begin the application process.

And with that last announcement, Hutt Night came to an end.

-Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira