Calendar of upcoming events in Star Wars Roleplay on Second Life. Please see below for details

This calendar is designed to provide an easy view on the upcoming events on Star Wars Roleplay.

About this calendar

This is a public Google calendar, called SWRP Events you can add it to yours if you’re using the system. It’s available on this Link.

Adding an Event

If you wish your event be added, please prepare the following information

  • Day and time (in SLT) it will start
  • Dhe duration or planed ending time
  • The Location
  • Short title of the event
  • Optionally a paragraph describing it
  • If the event is scheduled regularly (like every week), please tell it too. In this case please also inform us when you stop running it.

Avoid long lasting regular events; we know there is an RP on your sim all time, it’s no need to list it on the calendar. The event shall be a role play event (no OOC party, OOC fights, national day, etc.). It shall also be public or opened to a wide group of people or be of general interest for a large part of the community.

With this informations, please contact one of the following people:

  • Daana Kira, Reporter at the Galactic News
  • Rakiko Lowtide, Reporter at the Galactic News
  • Zarbok, Manager of the Zarbok Effect on Boz Pity (avatar name: Lucian Vanek)

Zarbok Effect (advertising)

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