This blog has an option to allow everyone to leave comments. You’re all welcome to use it. As we aim here to gather the community on a positive way, the comments are expected to be follow this spirit.

Comments can be In or Out Of Character (IC or OOC). You’re welcome to tag your comment if you expect an answer on the same register. Here is some ideas for In Character comments:

  • Post how one of your character receive the news. Nobody should be able to answer you in character as it’s private, but it will improve the ambiance
  • Have a character to write message to the redaction, he or she can protest on the article content, praise it, add details he or she would know, fix what he believe to be a mistake or inform the redaction on further developments on the topic.

Even if it’s In Character, avoid to play the ever angry watcher or play it on a funny way. Some examples of welcomed comments or of characters:

  • Cheers are very welcome!
  • Spelling or grammatical fixes. You can also contact us privately for that.
  • Suggestions how to improve the topic.

But not all sort of comments are welcome. We’ll like the blog to be free of, for instance:

  • Spam (who likes it anyway?)
  • Out of character argument about an article. Unless tagged differently, articles are In Character. The Reporters or the Redaction can make mistakes, but they are assumed to be In Character, so please keep this register.
  • Out of character argument against the characters, players or groups featured in an article. Keep the comments friendly for your fellow role players.
  • Offensive language, harassment. Even if light puns can pass, they can’t be the sole reason of a comment.
  • One line anonymous negative comments.

Blogs comments may help communication between people which doesn’t already interact positively in world, but blunt negative comments, even expressed In Character, might be seen as a troll then might be moderated.

If you have other views how things could or should be done, you can indeed tell us. Your character can request a Right to Reply, submit articles as freelance then apply as reporter. Even if it’s not the purpose of this blog, we may open exceptionally, upon request and if we expect a consensus is reachable, a thread on a general topic regarding the Star Wars Role-Play (SWRP) community on Second Life.

The comments are moderated. If a moderator tells you to stop, stop; public arguments are not welcome. If necessary, the offender’s further comments may be blocked, waiting for a manual moderation. You may contact the moderators in world (by notecard is better). Note your comment was certainly moderated because there was something wrong inside, don’t start by enumerating the many reasons it was a good comment, that’s not the point. Don’t be offensive against the moderators, they moderate comments: it’s not a offense to have one’s comment moderated.

Your style or angle don’t match the ones of this blog? No worry, you can open your own, and even ask our assistance, we’ll be glad to offer if we have the resources for and if it improves the community.

A last thing, if ever you want it, you can change your blog avatar, automatically generated by default, to anything you find more fancy after registering an account in the system.

Keep a constructive spirit for the community and have fun!

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