Galactic News Recruits

You want your character works for Galactic News?

Please check you and your character can suits the requirements and send a free form application, addressing the points bellow without padding. We may accept exceptions if they’re justified.

We’re also looking for Real Life good wills and talents, if you’re a graphic artist or want to spell check the articles spelling, etc. tell us too.

Out of character requirement

  • Be able to connect on Second Life and used to SWRP especially the Post Legacy Timeline.
  • The player must be able to open an account on the Galactic News Blog.
  • To play a reporter, he or she must be able to write in English correctly, and adapt its style to be understood by people reading English as second language.
  • The characters must be played enough for having a life outside of posting news. This may be lifted for people wanting a technical role in the Project.

Technical Requirements

To write on the blog, you need to open a free account on WordPress. You’ll need to tell us your account e-mail address so we can add you. The best being having an account for your reporter.

If you plan to add pictures to your articles (recomanded), please also open a public image sharing account (like flickr, photobucker, etc)

About the Character

  • The character will likely speak in Galactic Basic. This is a strong requirement to post articles.
  • The character must be independent and have the appearance of independence, he or she must not not affiliated to a religion, political power, consortium, criminal organisation, etc. He or she must not accept significant rewards or gratifications from these factions.
  • He or she shall be able to keep a neutral point of view in the articles and pictures, respect the people they meet, their dignity and their privacy.
  • The Galactic News pays its employees for they assure a medium class lifestyle (with roleplayed money, not usable in real life). Characters which doesn’t need this salary are unlikely to be hired. Some exceptions may be done for famous writers, etc.
  • Original characters, non-human species, rarely played cultures, are preferred (but not required) to promote the diversity, which is one of the values of the Channel.


If accepted, the candidates will enter in a trial period during which the staff will check their motivation, the quality of their work. During this period, their posts will be reviewed before publication.

After this period passed, the reporters can post their own work directly on behalf of Galactic News.

Special role: Correspondents, Experts

The correspondents and experts are not directly part of the journal staff, but help it to cover and wider field accurately.

The rules about the independence or the language can be relaxed for them, but their articles will need to be reviewed before publication.

Special role: Technician

The Galactic News hires technicians (like cameramen, sound recorders, secretaries, pilots, body guards…) The requirements are then adjusted to their skills. They may be able to submit articles like the correspondents.

Out of character, people wanting to review the articles to improve the spelling, the style or to improve the graphics are also welcome, possibly portraying a background character.

  1. nexusjosh
    September 24, 2012 at 7:37 AM

    Im signing to be an ooc post editor. im willing and able to spell check and fix gnn posta for spelling and grammar.

    • September 24, 2012 at 10:31 AM

      Hello, and thank you. A better style would be indeed welcome. You can contact me in world, but I wouldn’t want another reading delay the articles too long. I’m writing mines usually about 10am PST for the event played the day before. If they can’t be checked before 2pm, they would be delayed one more day and that can be too long.

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