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Revisit to Ancient Civilization

November 28, 2010 3 comments

Mystery Drilling in Mos Eisley

Izeya a Galactic News reporter visits the first time for her the deep cave located underground in Tatooine, filled with a frozen civilization she takes a few steps in amazed at the view for a moment before looking around the cave she ventured off deeper and deeper to explore…

In Tatooine, near the town of Mos Eishley, I took the liberty of revisiting this ancient civilization to see if anything has changed but I did spot one of them misplaced and it seemed to be gone I did not know if it awoke or was taken away. I went deeper into the cave to find more of them missing.

Carbonite Freezers

It looked like no one had been down here in a while, and when I went down to find an opening with carbonite freezers this is what I thought was used to freeze the civilization but it seemed to be broken now she tried the controls for it she could hear things around her down there but it was fun to explore around. Could the mystery of why these frozen aliens are here ever be solved it was starting to get cold down underground for this Jawa she started to make her way out thinking that this should be looked into further but some things should remain a mystery because some things are better left untouched.

Ancient Civilization Revisiting

As she went out she thought her exploring had ended but she found a mysterious drill and a long tunnel but only a dead-end she found who is the one drilling? Does it have something to do with the ancient civilization? Will we ever find out whats happening underground?

— Izeya

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Old Jawa Tribe comes back to life

September 26, 2010 1 comment

On Tatooine, a tribe of Jawa warriors have begun to be gathered under the leadership of a long thought dead elder Jawa, by the name of Gonjam Pajila Ayafa. Local Tatooine reporter, Izeya, had this report to file on her people.

The Jawa Iza

Gonjam Pa’jila Ayafa, an elder Jawa has returned after a long period of being missing. Unfortunately most of his tribe has been lost and has put out a call for any lost Jawa of the old tribe to return and reconnect. By his own words, Gibhan had this to say “I have been away for awhile but I am planning to restart it after all this time”. Furthermore, any Jawa receiving this reportage may also join this tribe out of Mos Eisley. Any Jawa is welcome, just need to contact the Elder.

Their main headquarters for now is the typical jawa Sandcrawler. Normally utilised tribal families of jawas this one contains banded together jawa warriors from numerous tribes. These Jawas do not want to be mistaken for Jawas that just slice droids and sell them. They wish to be like and to be respected as the other inhabitants of  Mos Eisley and live in peace. However, if they are attacked they will use their weapons and skills. They hope that this old tribe will gain new life in Mos Eisley, and engage the local authorities head one, causing them more than just a hard time.

Elder Gonjam also stated  that upon restarting the tribe, he would crush the imperial once and for all. Even though most believe that Jawas are capable of violence only to droids, Gonjam is hopeful that with their Ion Blasters and a few other tricks that they will win the day. We also spoke with a Jawa, Iza, who had just joined the tribe. She stated “My tribe was lost and parished to the Sith they think killing is a game but to us in our view it is not” and “I am glad to find this old tribe also I am learning the ways of the Jedi I hope other Jawas would be able to join me as it is a long journey ahead for the Jawa tribe.”

— Izeya