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New Regime of the Imperial Remnant

August 12, 2012 7 comments

Reporter, Muaz’akka’nomik of the Galactic News Network with breaking news.

Lord Kulith Laan I

Remnant Space: Meeting upon an undisclosed planet, the GNN reporter was taken aboard a Shuttle which led to an Executioner Class Starship still under repair and construction. To ensure security of the facility, the reporter was blindfolded and the Camera Droid was turned off until they reached the destination within the ship.

Upon arrival into a Throne Room, we were greeted by Darth Umbra, the “Jiaasjen’ari” of the Trayus Academy, who gave a rather lengthy introduction to the man known as Lord Kulith Laan I. He first apologized for the rough handling by his Stormtroopers, and then described his recent appointment as “Head of State for the Empire that has tossed aside the shackles of Fel dynastic rule”. Here is a direct statement:

“The previous head of state for the Empire — formerly run by the Fel dynasty — legally transferred ownership of his government to myself in order to better benefit his Empire and citizens. As well, in order to bring forth a new era of leadership, the Moff Council was disbanded. We are now in the process of reorganizing what was left of the Imperial Remnant into a governing body resembling the glory this station once held.”

The Imperator of this New Empire assured the GNN that the exchange of power was entirely peaceful. They worked this arrangement with one of the members of the Moff Council, Moff Marcus, who led the negotiations. Ardonis Commodore , the prior Executor of the Imperial Remnant faction, has been through a lot since the revolution of the People’s Galactic Alliance, when he took his moffs, loyalists, and remnants of the Fel Empire from Coruscant. Under his leadership the remnant failed to recover, leading to stagnation and economic depression —and eventually further splintering creating sub factions such as the Imperial Conclave and Empire-in-Exile which were not reconstituted into the Fel remnant for some time. These issues thus demanded the heralding of this change in regime. Records show of a lawful transition of leadership occurring at exactly 08:00 hours via encrypted code cylinder provided by and bio-unlocked by Ardonis himself.

Lord Kulith Laan I and Ardonis Commodore

The Imperial Remnant’s territories stretched from Anaxes, Corulag, and Kuat to Iridonia and others. They are still finalizing the change of command in several of the worlds radiating out from the capital. This adds into the addition of Trayus’s Sphere of Influence on Rhelg, the Malachor system, Mayagil sector, and some other minor holdings. It also seems the alliance between Imperial space and the Chiss Ascendancy will continue on and through this transition.

Here is yet another direct quote from Kulith Laan:

“We will be moving aggressively to return the lost Remnant territory into the fold, and bring production on our industry worlds such as Kuat back up to levels not seen since before their split from Coruscant. As only Sith Leadership can provide, we will open a new page for this Empire, where order and prosperity not seen since the Treaty of Coruscant will grace this sector once more, and it will be my undying effort to maintain the growing prosperity to be endowed on this land, its holdings, and its citizens.”

When asked about Trayus’s ties with the Sith Empire on Byss and if they are involved in this new regime, Kulith Laan replied:

“What of them? They’re half a galaxy away. After the old Emperor Validus stepped down from the throne and the appointing of a new Executor, I am no longer bound by that position. My actions are my own, and I have this government to deal with and manage.”

— Muaz’akka’nomik


A New Mandalore, a New War

August 6, 2012 28 comments

Zakkan reporting for the Galactic News Network met up with the Mandalore A’denla Kad Socarras on Uvena Prime.

A’denla Kad was adopted into the Mandalorian culture in his late teens into Clan Fett by its leader Jarod Fett. After being cast out, he made his own clan called Socarras in rebellion and, with the help of Clan Skirata, destroyed the Fetts. Eventually he forged Clan Socarras into one of the largest clans in the Galaxy, and has served his people once as Mandalore already when he quelled the Civil War against the so-called ‘United Mandalorians’, then eventually willingly giving up leadership of his clan, though still serving as the Mandalorian Council’s ‘Arbiter’, and advisor to every Mandalore since until he himself claimed the title.

A’denla Kad Socarras

Now A’denla Kad Socarras has taken up the title of Mandalore again to start a “Mighty War” against the Revenant Armada. The Revenants used to be in Trade with the Mandalorians, but the last strong tie between the Armada and the Mandalorians was cut when An’ila Kad Socarras, the clan leader at the time, stopped the trade agreement that A’denla put in place with the Armada well around twenty years ago. At that point, it all went downhill from there.

A’denla noticed that the Mandalorians had been reduced to just running scattered and beating on the occasional Jedi or Sith that gave them an issue, but there was lacking of a driving force. He saw the opportunity when a Socarras member intercepted a data chip belonging to a Revenant scout that showed that they had orders to target the Solus family in their village on Uvena Prime, and make contact with what Mandalorians there were. A’denla saw this as an opportunity to both raise the Mandalorians from the shadows and bring them upon a worthy enemy, and make the Armada answer for their crimes against the Mandalorians on Uvena, hence his claiming the title and active rallying of as many clans as he can find.

Already supported by most clans like Socarras, Dralshy’a, Skirata, Ordo, Mereel, Munit’kad and Kata, A’denla is sending a call to rally of all of the “Mando’ade” to fight the Revenant, a dangerous and worthy enemy to test the mettle of the Mandalorian people.

— Muaz’akka’nomik

Consortium Alliance Attack on Uvena Prime

July 30, 2012 1 comment

Breaking news transmission:

Defenders of Uvena Prime

Uvena Prime, Moreau Province: Heavy fighting has broken out as it appears that Consortium Alliance forces have begun an attack, starting with the small province in the eastern reaches of the planet. The Moreau Province is the known site of the Jedi Enclave headed by Jedi Master Mikori Lawson.

Sources state that the Consortium Alliance is a three hundred year old faction, entirely shrouded in secrecy before they made their debut as a conquering force on the galactic stage during the Galactic Civil War when it was led by the feared Warlord Reezo Zhel.

Consortium Artillery

Towards the end of war however, the entire force had mysteriously disappeared. The have been back, and their latest attacks against the Republic and the Jedi included The Battle of Coruscant some years back.The Shistavanen military working alongside the Jedi Enclave and a force of Mandalorians push the attacking forces from the Moreau Province. Also it appears that a split branch of the same attacking force came to the aid of the Shistavanens. More on this story as it develops.

— Muaz’akka’nomik

Fall of the Crime Lord, Sihivus Verne

July 9, 2012 8 comments

Galactic News Network’s  Coverage on the Incident over Ord Mantell.

Sihivus Verne has been a notoriety of the galaxy for some time now. When the idea of her apparently promoting peace and sincerity came about, it was somewhat of a surprise to many.

A party was organized upon her flagship above Ord Mantell, the Teal Masquerade, as several notable guests arrived. Figures from the underworld, Republic, and even as far as the Trayus Academy showed face, not expecting of what should have been suspected.

Soon after arrival, the party revealed itself to be a simple ruse. Witnesses state that Verne decided to make a rather interesting monologue, as she detonated several explosive devices around the galaxy. This of course, was to the surprise of most gathered. Verne’s plan, however, seemed to go wrong in one or two ways as several of the containers had not yet reached their destinations, and she had detonated many, seemingly prematurely, simply destroying carrier ships. From a would be thirty worlds, the target was lowered to a simple four.

End of the Teal Masquerade

Outraged and surprised by this, all parties involved became quite hostile. Firefights broke out on many ends, and individuals ranging from Jes’tula Tor’dok to Keshani Liana were in charge of keeping the crowd under control. This plan of course, did not go over as planned either. A few of the guests took to defending the non combatants, as Alex Kardel and Angelique Black pursued Verne to a room beyond. During the battle, explosions were heard within the ship and alarms started to sound as the ship was beginning to lose altitude.

Unable to receive any footage of what took place back there between Vern, Kardel, and Black, they were seemingly victorious in their efforts as all successfully evacuated ship before impact with the city below.

Sadly, all bodies were charred beyond any form of recognition, but at this time, it is safe to assume that Verne and much of her crew has perished.

More news upon the situation to come, including the planets that were hit by Sihivus Verne’s attack.

— Muaz’akka’nomik