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In Brief: Galactic Happenings

October 30, 2012 Comments off

Arrest warrant issued for Tythonian Senator Tafo and Governor Avon.

It was recently confirmed that Republic Defense Minister, Lerina Desri has issued an arrest warrant for the senator of Tython, Sapphire Tafo and the Governor of Tython, Terah Avon. This warrant was issued following the release of information by the media that Tythonian senator was soliciting information from The Empire and Confederation of Independent Systems on options for secession from the Republic.

The Defense minister had the following to say: “The arrest warrant was issued for Senator Tafo due to the allegations against her. It was a request from a third party who I would prefer to remain anonymous as I am sure they would too. But there was also an arrest warrant issued to Governor Avon as well. They are to still hold their respective offices, but are to be under Jedi or military watch until they are both found guilty. They are as it stands, innocent until proven guilty of the allegations to one another.”

Republic Minister of Diplomacy Tae Aichi stated, “If the minister of defense feels that anyone is a threat to the Republic, or seeks to undermine it, then I feel that they are justified in that decision, no matter who is in office.”

However she later went on to state, “If any arrest warrant needs to be issued, ever, then diplomacy has failed. Frankly, Senator Tafo was within her rights to look for other options for her people, but not without the approval of the Planetary governor, afterall, the Governor, or other elected leader of the world is whom should be representing the world, whoever leads it, not who represents them in the Senate.”

Minister Tafo and Governor Avon were not available for comment.

Black Dawn Syndicate hover-tanks discovered in Tythonian jungle.

Yesterday, roughly a dozen Saber-class tanks were discovered in the Tythonian jungle by a member of the Republic-loyalist group Rebel Scum (who asked to remain anonymous). The tanks, which bore the makings of the Black Dawn Syndicate, were hidden under stacks of vegetation, presumably to hide them from satellite coverage. Republic officials couldn’t explain the presence of the tanks. Black Dawn Syndicate leader, Wing, said the tanks matched a detachment of tanks that had been mothballed in a factory on Lantillies, but wasn’t aware of the tanks’ disappearance until recently.

Crimson Skulls swoop gang expands influence.

The recently created swoop gang run by a man known as The Tusken is reportedly poised to take control of security on Nar Shaddaa. Crimson Skulls has also recently opened chapters on other planets — Tatooine is believed to have several chapters already. No members of the gang were available for comment.


Press Release: Republic Defense Minister’s statement regarding Tython.

October 23, 2012 75 comments

The Galactic Senate’s Minister of Defense, Lerina Desri, released a statement to reporters this evening on Coruscant.

Minister Desri looks out over the cameras with a confident yet respectful gaze.

“I have called this press conference today to address the issues regarding Tython, and the illegal Galactic Empire occupation and military operation thereof.

First, I would like to honor the Heroes of Tython both living, and gone from us, you were the best of us that stood up under the greatest of odds and you have carried on. Through the weeks of strife and bloodshed, you Tythonian heroes have shown that Yesterday, today, and all days yet to come that bravery, perseverance and brotherhood can fight and win against the mightiest of foes.”

She pauses and smiles at the camera, as if looking at the faces on Tython.

Lerina Desri, Defense Minister of the Galactic Senate

“Your actions against the empire bring great credit to all that have participated in the great struggle. Fighting against an unwarranted, and unwelcome occupation by hostile forces, you all used tactics and skills that have made the most experienced of the Generals and Admirals of the Republic proud to call you ‘Citizens’. Take solace in the fact that through all of time now, your struggle and efforts shall never be forgot.”

The minister begins to raise her voice as she reaches a fist skywards, flexing slightly.

Each day that the Republic continues is entirely because you brave men and women of Tython stood up when you we were at our weakest and shouted to the skies “We are the Republic!””

She looks slowly back towards the Camera, her expression changing to a somber gaze.

“However, now is not the time to relax, as military operations on Coruscant draw to a close, we begin to see the true scope of what this war has cost the Sons and Daughters of the Republic, the thousands that lie entombed in the hulks of derelict ships now in orbit of Coruscant, the ones left battered, broken, and more machine than man anymore. Of course we have lost an important figure during this occupation, our late Fleet Admiral Zac Rodchester, will be greatly missed, and I will see to it that he will receive a proper military funeral service, and he will be forever remembered for the work that he has done for the New Republic, and he is but one of many proud fallen that have died for our cause. The war was hard fought and against such a force we showed what strength that we could, and it has cost us dearly. It was always our goal to aid Tython once Coruscant was free, but you have shown that by your actions, you all are the best of us, may we all strive to stand in your shadow.”

A tear rolls down the minister’s cheek as she looks off into the distance before finally speaking again, her words polite and gracious.

“As for the actions of the Galactic Empire, the Republic looks favorably on your actions of leaving Tython as peacefully as our resistance forces would allow you to. The honor that has been shown through this swift withdrawal off of our territory bodes well for the future, and I say it here today, that once a treaty is signed on Coruscant, that we hold no ill will towards you, and that we have no wish to prolong a needless conflict. Over the last few weeks, we have both been pushed to the brink and survived, may both our great powers continue on, hopefully some day in true peace.”

The camera cuts out.

After the statement, Minister Desri said that while the Republic did send Jedi assist the rebels on Tython, she felt like she owed the people of Tython a personal apology for her personal lack of response to their crisis.

“I could of sent ships and troops to Tython, that I cannot deny. But my orders of course come from the Chancellor and the Senate, and our forces were on Coruscant. If I had better coordination going, then help would of been sent from us to Tython sooner, even if that would of strained us on Coruscant”

The Minister offered the follow assurances to the people of Tython, “Relief efforts will be sent to Tython very soon, to help rebuild what was damaged and lost. I plan to speak to Senator Tafo in time, and will recognize not just her efforts in the resistance, but the people of Tython that stood with her.”

— Sabrina Xalim, GNN.

Travel report: Motesta Settlement, Tatooine

October 18, 2012 Comments off

Travel Guide:

Bethany, co-owner of the Motesta Hotel

Motesta Settlement, Tatooine — For a town with one of the few major sources of water on the barren surface on the desert planet Tatooine, Motesta Settlement’s streets are deceptively peaceful.

“There is no Imperial law here or any other law other then the people that get along and live here,” said Ufga, a Jawa and owner of The Palace Cantina, who spoke to reporters through a translator device. “Miners, moisture farmers, smugglers the like.”

Perhaps more impressive than the absence of Imperial law (or the fact that buildings on Tatooine remain so.. “timelessly classic”) is the absence of a Hutt power in the town. The Town is run by a council of property owners. “People have businesses like a normal city, just we [are] a lot closer as we depend on each other,” said Bethany, co-owner of the Motesta Hotel.

“Don’t come here looking for trouble, because you might get what your looking for,” advised Ufga.

Slave at rooftop bar on Motesta Hotel.

But despite the warnings of the Jawa club owner, the streets are noticeably empty of gruff gun-slingers, sleazy backstreet dealers, and armored individuals standing on roofs. Instead, populated by slaves in brightly colored outfits which barely cover their bodies (and in some cases fail to cover them completely), and off-world tourists. And speaking of roofs, the rooftop bar is a great place to drop by and catch the view of the setting suns while you sample some of the local wine.

“We make our own wine from underground resources,” states Bethany. And there’s something weird about the wine that is for sure. (This writer suspects Glitterstim, not that she has any idea what that is).

Besides the special drinks, bantha-burgers, and wamp-rat stew which the hotel owner advises are just to die for (especially if you’re a wamp-rat, me thinks), Motesta boasts multiple clubs, dating services and brothel of sorts. “What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their own business,” comments Ufga.

Additionally, Motesta Settlement offers numerous areas to explore including a spice mine, oasis, temples, Mandalorian forge, arena, space station, and land for rent. ((4.5L$/prim)).

Republic Soldiers on Geonosis

June 2, 2012 5 comments

Sabrina Xalim reporting…

Commander Deadbolt and Sabrina Xalim on Geonosis

Republic Troopers are combing the surface of Geonosis today after an alleged attack on one of their Venetor-Class Star-Destroyers caused escape pods full of soldiers to be jettisoned prematurely. In charge of the rescue and recovery operation is Alpha Commander C-5940 “Deadbolt,” who graciously set aside some of his time to talk to reporters. Commander Deadbolt said the origins of the attack were under investigation, but wouldn’t rule-out an attack by Imperials.

Geonosis is an arid world home to the insect-like Geonosians. Constantly bombarded by solar radiation, most life exists in massive underground cavern-systems. There is little life on the surface itself. Located in the lower Outer-Rim in the Arkanis Sector, Geonosis’ close neighbor includes the equally inhospitable world of Tatooine.

Surface of the planet

More curious than the “premature” ejection of “escape pods” full of soldiers however is the presence of such a large republic warship so far in the southern reaches of the galaxy. Commander Deadbolt refused to comment on the mission the warship was undertaking when it was “attacked,” citing operational security.

Is this just a routine rescue of soldiers mistakenly jettisoned during an attack, or is the Republic after someone else on the surface of Geonosis. Someone… or something?

Reporting live from the Arkanis Sector, I’m Sabrina Xalim.

Grandmaster Tyrdo captured

November 8, 2011 15 comments

Details are sketchy following a confrontation between Jedi Grandmaster Tyrdo and Jiramma Hutt security forces on Nar Shaddaa.

Sources indicate that Tyrdo came to the planet with a gift of sorts for the Hutts, but was stopped due to previous attacks on G’Karr. During questioning regarding the gift, inconsistencies arose in Tyrdo’s story and the Jiramma Hutts ordered that Tydro be imprisoned or enslaved.

Tyrdo fled briefly from Hutt forces before being captured in Taanab, brought back in Nar Shaddaa and finally confined to the rancor pit underneath the Black Hole Casino, where she is currently still, awaiting a trial on Hutt night. The gift Tyrdo brought for the Hutts is now in control of the Hutt security, but so far they have been unable to open it to verify its contents.

Tyrdo brought back in Nar Shaddaa

In follow up to a similar incident where Hutt Security and slavers imprisoned a jedi earlier this week; Darmutta’s majordomo, Tanya, insisted the arrest of Chelsea was for her own protection from the forces of the Disciples of Ragnos (DoR) while they asked her a few questions. Tanya stated many in the galaxy specifically seek-out the luxury of the establishments on Nar Shaddaa where Chelsea had been being held. Baby Girl, one of those responsible for holding Chelsea in custody commented that she would like to treat Chelsea to a carbonite bath, however.

From Vertical City, I’m Sabrina Xalim.

Chelsea kidnapped by Hutt security

November 2, 2011 14 comments

Reporter Sabrina Xalim follows developing story:

Few time after the Hutt audience, on Nar Shaddaa, the Human woman Chelsea, a well know adversary of Disciples of Ragnos (DoR), was kidnapped by Hutt Security. Chelsea had provided a testimony against DoR to the Hutts Belutric, Wonka, G’Karr and another unknown Hutt regarding the DoR’s alleged theft of spice which was a gift from the Black Dawn to the Hutt Council.

Chelsea being disarmed.

Chelsea being disarmed

Reporters witnessed Hutt Security, including Darth Fuego, Kabriel (former leader of the Black Suns) and several others disarm Chelsea in the Black Hole Casino emmediatly after the official end of Hutt Night. The security then escorted her under threat of violence to a building on the upper levels marked only as “Massage.” DoR leader Arch Lord Exitium and several of the Trayus sith appeared to assist in Chelsea’s initial disarming.

Reporters were ordered away from the area, also under threat of violence from Hutt security, but it became clear that the Security, who hold primary allegiance to Darmutta the Hutt, wished to interrogate Chelsea about what else she knew regarding the alleged theft of Hutt owned spice by the DoR.

DoR and Jiramma

DoR and Jiramma

Also present was Sera, owner of the slave-trading business located on the lower levels, and Baby Girl, most famous as a successful swoop and pod racer on Espa where she represents the Jiramma Hutt clan. Sera had only just that night during Hutt Night pledged an unofficial allegiance of sorts to the Jimarra clan.

General Vinrum and an ambassador, both from the DISC (Disciples of Ragnos Imperial Storm Corps), also appeared on scene, but seemed to be denied access after a brief exchange with Hutt Security, though they remained in the area for an extended time.

Sera's slave business.


After over an hour of interrogation by Jiramma Hutt Security she was lead from the building on the upper levels down to the slave-trading building owned by Sera on the lower levels. Shortly after the transport of Chelsea to the slave-post, bodyguards of Chelsea showed up in an attempt to rescue her.I am standing outside the building now, reporting. It appears that, the would be rescuers are outgunned 6-to-2 at the moment, so Chelsea’s fate does not look good. We’ll have more as it develops.

With GNN, I’m Sabrina Xalim.

Sephi Sith wins Ms. Ryloth contest

November 2, 2011 6 comments

Reporter Sabrina Xalim attended the Miss Ryloth pageant where non-natives were allowed to compete, one even winning, Luna of the Obsidian Order.

Contest audience

In an odd twist of events, the Ms. Ryloth contest, designed exclusively for Twi’leks to strut their formal attire and dance moves, was opened up to non-Twi’leks and women not even residents of Ryloth. “Well at least they didn’t open it up to men, as well,” commented one spectator who declined to identify herself.
The contest was opened up to non-Rylothians following a string of drop outs and cold feet by planned contestants. By the time the contest was ready to start only two of the planned contestants were present. Several of the contestants complained of being forced to compete.

Over a com-interview with event host, Jes’tula Todork, he claimed there were other reasons for opening up the contest, however. “We Twi’leks may revel in our own beautiful women, but we are not coy to the beauty of other races. A lot of opportunities arise for Multiple Species to be in this Galaxy Wide Pageant, so there is no doubt a few Twi’leks will go to the final round no matter what. We opened the contest to all races for that very reason. We participate in their contests, why can’t they participate in ours?

Not only did the humans participate in the contest, they swept the board, taking the op three positions and pushing the twi’leks down to the bottom. Scores were given for formal wear, swimwear and dance moves by the judges Belutric the Hutt, Sihivus Verne and Arch Lord Exitium.

Also in attendance besides Belutric were the Hutts Wonka, Lyzo and Darmutta, in order of appearance.

Luna, winner of the contest

The contestants were:

Deianirrah, a Twi’lek originally from Ryloth but who  is now living on Tatooine. She is a singer and musician and owner of the club ‘Desert Rose’ in Mos Entha.

Lady Kristan, a Human Sith lady from Nal Hutta.

Wing, from Black Dawn. Raised on Mandalore Prime, it was revealed at the contest she is colorblind.

Siren, an Iskalonian is an untrained force sensitive and slave of the Majordomo Lady Tanya.

Luna, eventual winner of the contest, a sephis Sith Lady of the Obsidian Dominion.

Ang, a Twi’lek born and raised on Ryloth, a dancer and security guard on Ryloth and Nar Shaadda.

— Sabrina Xalim