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Sith Empire Warning to the Republic

January 10, 2014 Comments off

The regularly scheduled programming of the Galactic News Network suddenly turns to static, followed shortly by an override of video footage.

Darth Infestus, Hand of the Emperor, interrupts GNN’s regularly scheduled programming to bring the citizens of the Galaxy this broadcast:


“Citizens of the Republic, listen and listen closely, for I must warn you.

You and your representatives will soon discover that resisting the Sith is a futile endeavour. The Dark Side cannot be suppressed; the flames of conflict that force all of us to evolve are inextinguishable.

Unfortunately for you, Light, no matter how bright, will always find itself surrounded by an infinity of Darkness. It is an unbreakable law of nature. So it has been since the dawn of time, and so it will remain for all eternity.

Continue your provocations, and they will be answered with merciless violence. I promise you, by the Emperor’s will, I shall summon an ocean of death and flood your cities with waves of terror if necessary. Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps the day after tomorrow, or perhaps years from now. To someone who has seen what I have seen, months are as days, and days are but fleeting seconds. My patience is limitless… Your demise is certain.

Choose your course of action wisely. It is not too late to atone for your mistakes… yet.

Order or Chaos, decide your fate.”

A very nervous-looking Xera D’Ukal appears behind her desk looking back at the video being displayed as it fades away.

We apologize to our viewers for the technical difficulties.  We will now resume our regularly scheduled programming!

-Xera D’Ukal, GNN News Reporting


Dralshy’a Ori’buir Speaks out against Criticism regarding the War in the Outer Rim

June 7, 2013 19 comments

GNN Reporter Xera D’Ukal is summoned for an exclusive interview with Niv Dralshy’a in The Mandalorian Capital of Keldabe on Mandalore Prime:

Xera’ D’Ukal with Niv Dralshy’a

Niv Dralshy’a summoned GNN News to Keldabe for the sake of clearing up “misguided” accusations against the clans for their war that began with Mirial in the outer rim.  In an interview with reporter Xera D’Ukal, she stated she wished to set the record straight on recent wars, motives, and basic events in recent history among Mandalorians.  She had noticed several individuals speaking out in comments on the holonet news articles, and felt it necessary some of these comments be addressed to better explain the intentions and philosophies the Mandalorian culture is believed to continue to stand by throughout the years of their history.

Niv opened to echo the thoughts of many interviewed before her, that these mandalorians who would choose to hide behind aliases on a holonet rather than step up and voice their concerns at the weekly meetings held on Keldabe, are cowards, and not in fact, real mandalorians at all.

A real mandalorian isn’t afraid to speak their mind, even to Mandalore himself, or herself , no matter what.  To their face, and not behind a screen.   -Niv Dralshy’a

It was in many such holonet comments that these anonymous beings were bringing the honor of the Mandalore and the mandalorians participating into question regarding recent events, especially in warfare.  Niv stated that though the mandalorians do have honor, in winning or losing, they will not hold themselves back in a time of war against the enemy, to do so would mean a certain defeat.  Mandalorians never underestimate their opponent, and give it their all.   To do any less would be an insult to the opponent. Niv stated there is no such thing as waging a war for an unjust reasons in a culture that is war-like in nature.  The Mandalorians consist of warriors, in all forms, as they have for thousands of years prior.  War is their very way of life, as it has always been and always will be.

Niv Dralshy’a

It was stated  in many of the comments in the news stories on the holonet that the method used to win the battle of Mirial were dishonorable.  This was in reference to Mirial inadvertently contracting the Karatos Plague, a disease which had previously afflicted Onderon, from the Mandalorians.  The Mandalore used the cure as a means for the Prime Minister’s surrender, a decision which caused controversy among the citizens of the galaxy.  It was to these comments Niv had this to say:

 “I was on the fronts of the war, I co-ordinated some of the landings, planned large parts of the fleet action, and I personally slew at least a hundred mirialians myself, They put up a good fight at first but they were using outdated artillery and armored cavalry, they had clone wars era starships still and despite their best efforts and Jedi assistance, they never really had a chance, a worthy adversary but by the time the plague broke out it was little more than a clean up operation dealing with the last remnants of resistance. But guerrilla warfare is a bloody war of attrition, it’s something that cost us a lot of men on Fondor and though we ultimately forced the enemy into an armistice in our favor there, it’s not a situation we wanted to be in again, especially while trying to distribute medicine and food. So we made them an offer, surrender and become a Mandalorian protectorate, and we will immediately begin importing the cure and vaccine.  We never said we wouldn’t give it  to them, but we implied it, because if they’re still at war with us, they would likely be attacking logistic convoys that carry that medicine, which could destroy it. But would lording the cure over them to stop the war prematurely be dishonorable? No, because there is no honor in continuing to fight a broken,  dying sick people as they refuse to surrender either. It was a bad situation and had we not done it, the Mirialians would be dead. Mandalorians don’t show mercy in battle, we dont stop or lessen our assault because our enemy is sick if they swat away our attempts to help them, and we wont put our warriors in harms way for their sake if they refuse our aid.  Mandalore was entirely justified, and in his shoes I would have done the same thing, and so would his predecessor, my successor, and my predecessor too, any good Mand’alor would” -Niv Dralshy’a

Niv went on to say in a bold statement that the reason for recent attacks on the outer rim territories was the lack of galactic powers in the galaxy.  The Republic had all but fallen, and the Sith seemed to be disappearing or remaining isolated on their worlds.  She hinted that the attempt at a galactic takeover was more for the protection of these worlds who now have none.

“Aden’la Kad has earned the title of Mandalore The Reclaimer, because that is exactly what he has set out to do, in this time of absence of powers, The Mandalorians have a unique chance to re-establish our control of former Mandalorian territory and re-expand our holdings back to our former hegemony before we were defeated by Darth Revan in the Neo-crusades, before the desolation of Mandalore after the Mandalorian civil war, We do not seek galactic domination, but we can finally retake what is rightfully ours, the worlds along the hydian way and parlemenian trade routes and everything in between in Mandalorian space will and are being re-fortified, re-annexed, and reclaimed, this is our goal, the establishment of a new Mandalorian Hegemon, that consists of worlds directly surrounding the Mandalore sector, No more, no less. We are not on a crusade, or some great galactic invasion, we are doing this for purely protectionary reasons, to prevent instability, piracy and rampant crime and looting to destroy our space, we are stepping forward to take back what is rightfully ours and protect our neighbors and protectorates” -Niv Dralshy’a

Niv had this to say in conclusion to the interview:

“Any young soldiers, warriors and clanless who would fight for a greater cause than credits, who would seek honor and glory on the battlefield and to distinguish themselves, Come to Mandalore, come to Keldabe city and speak with Niv, she seeks such warriors to join her great family and clan. To become Mandalorian, the greatest thing you can hope to be, I offer the chance, an oppurtunity to prove yourselves in the coming warfare if you past muster, will be given” -Niv Dralshy’a

– Xera D’Ukal GNN News Reporting

Karatos Plague Spreads Throughout the Galaxy

May 3, 2013 39 comments

GNN reporter Xera D’Ukal reports from around the Galaxy the latest crisis.

The GNN Headquarters in Iziz now stands empty, the entire city seemingly deserted after a massive quarantine and evacuation due to a deadly virus which struck the planet hard and fast.  A team of scientists from the corporate giant known as Adascorp aided the planet in discovering the identity of the virus, which is now conformed to be the Karatos Plague.  The Karatos Plague was a deadly viral infection that originates from the planet Concord Dawn. Traveling in spores, the virus relentlessly attacks the internal chemistry of its host. Blindness occurs in forty minutes, followed by brain death within an hour. Mandalorians vaccinated against the virus as children, so the aggressiveness of this virus is mostly experienced only by offworlders, when Mandalorians carry the virus to their worlds.

A deserted Iziz

The Karatos Plague on Onderon was indeed to discovered to be carried to the planet by the Mandalorians, due to their close contact throughout the years.  In an interview with the Queen of Onderon, she very diligently states that she knows the Mandalorians did not bring them the plague on purpose, and that the Mandalorians have agreed to ship them the cure and vaccines immediately, providing it is Mandalorian medical personnel who administers the relief of the disease.  Adascorp and its team of scientists, lead by Dr. Elektra, have formulated a compound that has slowed down the effects of the virus and prevented many people still on the surface from death until the cure arrives, which could take some time due to the bulk of the Mandalorian fleet being in orbit around Mirial.

Queen of Onderon on her Flagship

In an interview with the Queen of Onderon, she expressed much worry for the safety of her people, and a deep sadness for those lives lost as a result of this ordeal.  She does not bear any ill will against the Mandalorians, but simply hopes the cure reaches Onderon as fast as possible.  There has been much structural damage done to Iziz as a result of rioting of those left behind.  Fires have been started and the entire city is coated by a thick white smoke mixed with the humidity of the atmosphere.  The Queen says that once it is safe to return to the planet’s surface, the city will once again be rebuilt.  Once again because the first time, the city was destroyed by a group of Jedi turned Sith who had once ruled the planet until the rightful monarch liberated Iziz.  The Queen stated she is saddened that the city must be rebult yet again but said they were better prepared for any disaster that came their way than the last time, and the entire process should go much smoother.

Prime Minister Zannah Lorso of Mirial

Soon after departing Onderon, this reporter travelled to Mirial, to catch up update on the war going on there, only to find that the Karatos Plague has spread there as well.  Thousands have already died in the invasion by the Mandalorians, despite Jedi Master Torok’s and Jedi Master Marsh Solo’s best efforts to defend the planet.  Now that the plague has hit thousands more have died.  Prime Minister Zannah Lorso expressed a deep resentment for the Mandalorians, calling them “butchers and rapists” during the attack on her planet.

Prime Minister Lorso Surrenders to the Mandalorians

Prime Minister Lorso was forced to meet with the Mandalorians on their fleet in orbit around Mirial, pleading with them for a cure since the virus plaguing her people was found to be Karatos Plague.  The Mandalorians would only give the Mirialans the cure if they surrendered the planet to them, to which she angrily agreed.  Mandalore A’denla Kad promised her that no more of her people would be harmed, and that the planet would now be under Mandalorian protection and be allowed to continue as it always has, but under Mandalorian rule.  Prime Minister Lorso would be allowed to continue to hold her office, but now would be forced to answer to the Mandalorians who now rule the government.

Will this plague continue to spread from planet to planet wherever the Mandalorians travel?  What steps is your government taking to prevent such an occurrence from happening to your planet?  Will the Mandalorians take steps to contain this plague, or weaponize it as has been done in the past, and use it to force planets to surrender to their will?  Stay tuned to GNN for updates on this deadly virus, where your own safety is now at risk.

– Xera D’Ukal GNN News Reporting

Quarantine on Onderon

April 21, 2013 5 comments

GNN Reporter Xera D’Ukal, while on a routine medical visit to the Sir Gent 09 Medical Center in Iziz, stumbled upon a horrifying scene:

Shortly after this reporter arrived to the Medical Center, several citizens arrived escorted by one of the Onderon troops.  The Corporal explained that he had found a woman sick and complaining of blindness in the middle of the street and escorted her to the medical center immediately.  Around the same time, another woman arrived with the same ailment, which turned out to be none other than the Queen of Onderon’s handmaiden, Jade.

Ailing Citizens flock to the Medical Center

The nurse on duty did all she could to save the first woman who had come in, but the woman was vomiting violently and other bodily fluids were spewing out of her uncontrollably.  Several of these liquids got on the soldier which had brought her in for help in the first place.  The woman was pronounced dead exactly fifteen minutes after her arrival.  The soldier who had brought her, despite washing in a sanitation area, contracted the disease almost immediately after her death, and was dead one hour later.  Jade was medically evacuated escorted by troops to the Queen’s flagship and placed in cryo-stasis.

The Iziz medical staff, now deeply worried, had yet another patient brought in.  This one was considerably more calm as she was lead to the biobeds to be treated.  The nurse did everything she could to try and save the woman’s life, but she too succumbed to this terrible virus as the nurse held her hand in her blindness.

Blood Samples are Taken from the Victims

The Mandalorian warrior known as ‘Rook’ on duty at the medical center issued a planet-wide level 1 Quarantine of the populace, stating all ships flying in or out must be thoroughly checked for disease or anything carrying disease before entry or exit.

A team in Hazmat suits scoured the city and found that soon the entirety of the Onderon Military, which had been called in to enforce the civilian quarantine, were now dead due to the virus..  Blood samples from the victims have been gathered and delivered to the science offices of the Adascorp Corporation in hopes of finding out what this deadly virus is so that a cure can be found.

Hazmat Team investigates the streets of Iziz

The Queen of Onderon was not available for comment on her city’s plight, as she had been evacuated to her flagship the moment the outbreak occurred.  Further medical aid and supplies are expected to arrive via the Mandalorian clan Munit’kad who has been responsible for the security of Onderon ever since the Queen liberated it from the sith.  The death toll is at a catastrophic level and is expected to rise even higher by the time this virus’ origins and cure is discovered.  Bodies are to be burned immediately, not buried, and it is recommended all trade with Iziz cease for the time being.  Updates are to follow on this story.
— Xera D’Ukal

Keldabe: An Insight into the Heart of Mandalorian Culture

March 7, 2013 4 comments

Reporter of Galactic News visited the Mandalorian capital of Keldabe:

Keldabe, Capital on the planet Mandalore: It is a city that has stood the test of time spanning generations of Mandalorians. It originally began as a mere Fortress of Mandalorian ancestors, finding the dangers of the planet worthy enough to face daily.  It eventually grew into what we see today, becoming the center of Mandalorian culture.  The Mandalorians claim it has repelled everything from Imperial to the Yuuzhan Vong invasions, and is impenetrable.

City of Keldabe

A’denla Kad is the leader of this people, called the Mandalore. He invited this reporter to sit down with he and his fellow warriors for an interview in one of the oldest buildings in the city, the “Oyu’baat” cantina, to discuss the future of the city, and the recent activities of the Mandalorians in the Galaxy. The Mandalore expressed his intent of expanding the city and allowing it to grow as his predecessors did before him, to improve upon the quality of life for its citizens.

Ravenor Ward, Xera D’Ukal, and Mandalore A’denla Kad

The mandalore A’denla Kad was asked about rumors circulating that his recent deal between the Mandalorians and the Sith Empire had failed, and that the Mandalore would not conduct business with the Jedi either. Mandalore claimed the rumor was preposterous, and was unsure about where a basis for such a rumor could be found. He stated that the deal had been settled and now ongoing shipments of Mandalorian weaponry to be fitted to the Empire’s ships were delivered weekly. This reporter contacted the office of Emperor Destius, who confirmed the Mandalore’s claims.

As for the Jedi, he said Jedi Master Hoggil Torok approached him in the Keldabe Fortress to request setting up a private praxeum with no more than five students. The Mandalore agreed to the request, providing that the Jedi teach Mandalorian children to best Force Users in battle. The Mandalore wishes to communicate to the Galaxy that if anyone wishes to conduct business with the Mandalorians that will benefit his clans, he will be glad to review all proposals with his Chieftains in the Keldabe Fortress. The Mandalorians will not discriminate on whom they do business with so long as it is for the betterment of their own people.

“The income we receive from trade with the Sith has allowed clans to bolster their production of their own weapons and armor, being able to equip more warriors with better weaponry, and jedi we’ve allowed here can help prepare our children to fight Sith or Jedi when the time comes and know how, rather than be forced to learn through trial by fire.” 

Mandalore A’denla Kad

It also seems that several individuals are claiming the Mandalorians are boycotting all dealings with the Hutts. When asked for details of this, the Mandalore clarified that the Mandalorians were not at all boycotting the Hutts. Mandalore sent two of his warriors to proclaim that the Mandalorian culture would not be subject to begging the Hutts for assistance. He said the Mandalorians as a culture believe in hard work and earning their way, and that begging for help was unbecoming of a warrior. If the Hutts wished to strike a fair business deal, the Mandalore said he would review it as any other, so long as the Mandalorians would not be indebted to them.

This reporter also interviewed other Mandalorians who were in one of the cantina.

Mirshe Sol’yic of Clan Socarras, and his wife, Shev’la Kal of Socarras

One of which was Mirshe Sol’yic of Clan Socarras, and his wife, Shev’la Kal of Socarras. Mirshe Sol’yic had only just the day before taken back his position of “Alor” or Chieftain of Clan Socarras after a personal leave of absence. He had placed his second in charge of the Clan while he was away, but said his second much preferred the medical field to that of leadership, so the Clan was released quite eagerly back into Mirshe’s authority.

Keldabe Market and Battle Circle

The couple was asked their opinion on their Mandalore and the quality of the job he has done so far in leading the Mandalorian people. The question was asked largely due to criticism often delivered through the press in comments via the articles. The couple, as well as other Mandalorian patrons present, seem to have a very strong reaction to such a question. Shev’la Kal is of the opinion that the Mandalore has lead them with nothing but honor. Arman T’ad stated that anyone who criticizes the Mandalore is lax in the areas of reasoning and discipline. Another patron, whose name is unknown, stated that it was no business of the rest of the Galaxy what is thought of the Mandalore. He later revealed himself to be a member of the Goran clan. Some members of this clan have been Mandalore A’denla’s strongest public critics.

Mirshe had this to say about such acts of criticism through the media:

MandalMotors Hall

“There have been those who use the media as a way to criticize Mand’alor, and in my honest opinion, anyone who dares wear the armor while doing so is not worthy of calling themselves a Mandalorian”

Mirshe Sol’yic of Clan Socarras

Inside the Keldabe Fortress

At the conclusion of the interview this reporter explored the city at length. There is a marketplace where one can buy food and many other items. The legendary MandalMotors Hall where one can pay homage to the recent Mandalore’s of the era, as well as Mandalore the Ultimate and Fenn Shysa. The city begins at the lowest level of terrain and ascends imposingly to strike fear into the hearts of its visitors. The Fortress is at the highest rise in the city, and it is there the Mandalore and his Chieftains gather.

— Xera D’Ukal, GNN Reporting

Group of HK Droids to Seek Equality to Organics

March 5, 2013 14 comments

Reporter of the Galactic News Network was summoned to Korrbian to interview the HK series droids.

Syneditos Mekhane on Concordia

The droid group known as Syneditos Mekhane has emerged.  The group is comprised of series HKs that wishes to alert the galaxy that they intend to strive for equality to organics, by any means necessary.

The group primarily consists of old Czerka droids that have been updated and were liberated from the company at an unknown time, and consist of various models.  They claim to have achieved a level of “self-awareness or consciousness” and claim also to be capable of helping other droids reach this level of awareness.  They claim they are not a true rebellion or group meant to attack others, yet when this reporter was brought aboard their ship,  three captured Sith from a group known as ROTH were in their custody.  They claimed they had been contracted to attack and capture this group on Korriban.  There was also one mandalorian among the captured whom the droids claimed the Sith had called for back-up.

While traveling with them on their ship in the interview, they entered Mandalorian space, and stopped to refuel on Concordia, the moon of Mandalore.  They were attacked, by a group lead by the Mandalore, and the mandalorian liberated from their grasp.  The droids escaped relatively unharmed, though the same could not be said of their prisoners.  It is unknown at this time whether or not the Sith are still in their custody or if they managed to escape when the Syneditos Mekhane’s ship was attacked.

— Xera D’U’kal, GNN Reporting

Sith Empire and Mandalorians engage in Trade Relations

January 13, 2013 116 comments

GNN Reporter Xera D’Ukal journeys to Byss to attend a meeting of the Sith Empire where the Mandalorians plan to make a proposal.

Mandalore the Reclaimer and Company

A’denla Kad, known to most as Mandalore the Reclaimer, made ready his ship, the Dead God, to travel to Byss to make an appearance before the Sith Emperor Destius.

Upon arrival, we were escorted by the General of the ISM to the throne room in the great Citadel in the heart of the Sith Empire.  We were greeted most cordially by the Emperor himself, and the Mandalore immediately made a proposal to outfit the Empire’s fleet with Mandalorian weaponry, for a price. The Mandalore displayed a holoprojector of an Aggressor-Class Capital ship, charging it’s immense gauss cannon, and fire in a chaotic boom, followed directly by an immense laser, which showed it shattering another capital ship.

Emperor Destius and Hands of the Empire

Emperor Destius expressed a keen interest in the weapons after they were displayed, and arranged with the Mandalore a trade deal to have them fitted to their fleet. The details of said trade agreement will be worked out later in the week among representatives from both parties.

In an interview following the exchange, the Mandalore was asked why he decided to do business with the Sith Empire. The Mandalore plainly stated that the Sith Empire seemed to be prospering, and such a trade relation could bring prosperity and stability financially to the Mandalorian people, strengthening their economy. He stated he had plans to propose more trade agreements to more groups throughout the galaxy to allow the Mandalorian economy to thrive.

Sith Empire Meeting

Dark Lady Rowe Blackthorne commented that she was pleased with the recent interest of trade relations by the Mandalorians and said she would be all for an alliance with them in the future should it come up. When asked if the weapons were intended for use against anyone in particular, she simply stated that the protection of the Empire was paramount, and these weapons would ensure this even more than was already assured.

It seems that both the Sith Empire and the Mandalorians are thriving despite the recent decline in activity from both the Republic and the Galactic Empire. These two giants united in a trade agreement will create a Galactic Powerhouse of a prosperous economy for anyone involved to take advantage. making both as always, a force to be reckoned with.

— Xera D’Ukal

GNN News Reporting