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Robes of the Hand Interview

December 17, 2013 3 comments

A reporter of the Galactic News met the Robes of the Hands in Korriban.

Robes of the Hand

Korriban: The Robes of the Hand (ROTH) have recently joined the Imperial Inquisition and explained their position. Their leader, Cyprus Talon, said the robes are training the Inquisition Students. Their purpose is to create a new Sith Empire. He disdained the Sith Empire in Krayus that he was formely part of, claiming they had not “the knowledge or power to become the true Sith Empire.”

Darth Talon explained the Sith had hunted the Jedi since eons, seeking a perfect world without conflict and under their rule. The Inquisition will continue this policy and those opposing to their view of “peace” will be crushed. Recently they raided the Jedi academy of Yavin 4 to capture old artifacts.

– Daana Kira


Discussions Amongst the Hutts at Hutt Night

November 26, 2013 Comments off

A reporter of the Galactic News Network attended at the Hutt Night meeting.

Hutt sit in the Casinp

Nar Shaddaa: The Black Hole casino welcomed once more the Hutt Night. Issula the Hutt attended after a long leave for a yet unknown reason. Also Shaka the Hutt and his majordomo Morrigan. They started to discuss a disappearance of ships, conjecturing it might be a fraud at the expense of Shaka the Hutt insuring them.

Then the Hutts discussed on new the admittance in the council since Gil’bar was away since a long time and apparently neglected his business. Shaka suggested Nerous, but Issula objected he tried to kill her. Instead she projected to seize some of his assets. No other candidate were in consensus.

– Daana Kira

Mandalorians look into Wookiee kidnaping

October 11, 2013 1 comment

Reporters of the Galactic News visited a camp in the planet Kashyyyk.

Runi Camp in Kashyyyk

Since several days, civilians from Kashyyyk suffered from constant attacks and several Wookiees were taken from their villages. The origin and the motivation of the armoured attackers are still being investigated. The authorities, however were unable to curb the threat with their own resources. They recently made an agreement with mandalorians of the Runi camp and gained their support. Even if some claims the Wookiees demand wasn’t pressing, other, such as Shistavanen from Uvena Prime, were moved by the distress call and offered their benevolent help.

The investigations are still in progress. Accusations were made but no actual evidence was found yet.

The leader of the Runi camp, Jemma Solus, originally came in Kashyyyk with her group looking into a rumour of the clan Kata presence. They did not find them, but after having met the locals, decided to set a camp and help. They welcome any mandalorian wanting to meet them.

– Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

CIS Meetings up for Re-scheduling

October 9, 2013 Comments off

A reporter of the Galactic News Network went to the CIS meeting in Zonama Sekot.

A meeting of the CIS summed up to a discussion between Kaelinn X from Kessel Gate, Salene Lusch and Flint Mokeev from Zonama Sekot. Kaelinn deplored the disapearance of some members, weakening the organisation while the union could have been positive. They evoked to schedule the meetings differently for a larger audience.

Meeting in Zonama Sekot

Also Kaelinn X wished to run official visits to other systems in the hope to improve their relationships and the visibility of the Confederacy. Salene Lusch regreted most organision would be stay-at-home or were not open enough to others. However, Zonama Sekot would send an emissary along with Kaelinn or mandate her to talk in their name in this travels.

Finaly Kaelinn X introduced The Wheel, an orbital station over Nar Shaddaa, relic of the past time. It will soon reopen as a casino and provide entertaintment under the direction of the Kessel Group.

– Daana Kira

Sith Imprisoned on Dantooine

October 1, 2013 3 comments

Rakiko Lowtide, reporter of the Galactic News Network, met a prisoner in Dantooine’s jails.

Dantooine Security office

Another arrest in Dantoine Jedi Enclave for affiliation the dark side of the Force. Atropa Raine is currently held in cell after having been captured on the way to the temple library where, he said, he was wanting to study. He had rejected the offer to surrender by the Jedi since a while and was arrested few days ago, despite a violent resistance. Atropa Raine said the Jedi didn’t issue clear charge against him. He also complaints on the harsh incarceration conditions, having no food and having just received water after two days. The force field of the cell prevented all physical contact with other so far.

One of the guardian, Guntai Haj’ra, however claimed Atropa Raine was a Sith, originally member of the Disciples of Ragnos, and now part of a secret organisation he didn’t want to name. Worshiping the Dark side of the Force is forbidden by Dantooine laws. The offenders have offered a chance to leave and are only arrested if they stay. Atropa Raine, however according to Guntai has perpetrated crimes on Dantooine and allied planets and will be granted a fair civilian trial. Currently, envoys are being sent to other worlds to check if he committed other crimes there. Also, Dantooine strongly believes to the rehabilitation of the people. Atropa Raine could benefit of this process, even if it may last quite a while.

– Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

Odominic Night brings more Changes

August 10, 2013 Comments off

A Correspondant of the Galactic News in Kessel

Again a large crowd gathered at Odominic Night to speak with the remnants of the once mighty Hutt Council. This night would turn out to be one of important discussions and historical news. As the crowd prepared to do business and chatted to themselves, one voice rang out, Silverkiba. Even before the night could officially begin, he was called up by Meeka D’Lux and asked to explain himself, It ended in Meeka tasking him on a secret mission to prove his worth to the Mighty Odominic Clan.

Silverkiba talking

Issulla Odominic then spoke next, making this official announcement: “It has been to Long since this Council had Proper Leader ship There for in the absence of our Leader Belutric. Normaly we would vote on a candidate to challenge the leader but as the leader is long absent and no other council hutts have contacted me I have no Choice but as Senior Council Member to Assume Leadership on a More Permanate Basis. If and When Belutric Returns he May Answer this chalenge.” She continued: “As my First Act as new Council leader i am Inviting the Bareesh Kajidic lead by Rolga Bareesh to Join and Found a New Era of the Hutt Clan Council now to be Known As the Clans of the Ancients Council of Elders”

Issula abd Rolga

Rolga, a well known Hutt last seen on Mos Entha thanked Issula and addressed the crowd “Issulla and I have worked together for some time, her fleet affords me a great sense of security and my arms dealings have kept her fleet a formidable force. And as I move forward to increase the profits of the Hutt council and its members I will not forget the lesser creatures who have aided me in that endeavor.”

Meeka speaks

Meeka was then once more asked to take the floor and as a follow up from last week when she stated the Hutt Council is not dead” and offered a place to any displaced Hutt agents: “As stated last week, while the Hutt Council on Nar Shaddaa is dead, Odominic and the New Clans of the Ancients Council of Elders will continue to grow. As Nar Shaddaa once turned it’s back on their Hutt Council, running off or maiming many of our great leaders, we welcome all the displaced Hutt affiliates into our own with open arms. It is only together we may grow stronger and turn the tides of tyranny.”

The Crimson Talon

Next called up from the crowd was Captain Sharizar Stormfrost and her group known galaxy wide as the Crimson Talon by Meeka to speak to Issulla. She seemed surprised as she was offered rewards for her acts of valor and heroics in recent endeavors. Her crew was a bit suspicious, and when called to stand on the grate and speak their suspicions refused and were dismissed without incident.

Minx Bade speaks to Rolga

As the night seeming was coming to an end, and the crowd almost dismissed, Rolga of the Bareesh Kajidic called up Minx Bade to discuss a secret weapon she has been developing for him. The deadline for the weapons delivery had passed and he was a bit upset. For a while Minx Bade stood on the hot seat but in the end was told to produce or face the Bareesh Clans wrath for breach of contract, she agreed and the night was called to an end by Issulla and Meeka.

Odominic Night happens regularly at Kessel Gate ((Thursdays 7pm))

The Galaxy Choice Awards

August 8, 2013 1 comment

Contest Poster

GNN and the Galactic Touring Association present the Best of the Galaxy as chosen by the people and for the people. The first annual Galaxy Choice Awards is a chance for you to vote for your favorite location and let the galaxy know the people’s choice.

The results will be announced live at a formal awards ceremony on Kessel Gate ((August 24th at 11 am)) and later posted on this channel. There can only be one award handed out per category, so please make your vote count.
Voting is easy. just read the nominees and vote for who you think best fits the category.

See you at the Galaxy Choice Awards!

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