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Sith Empire Warning to the Republic

January 10, 2014 Comments off

The regularly scheduled programming of the Galactic News Network suddenly turns to static, followed shortly by an override of video footage.

Darth Infestus, Hand of the Emperor, interrupts GNN’s regularly scheduled programming to bring the citizens of the Galaxy this broadcast:


“Citizens of the Republic, listen and listen closely, for I must warn you.

You and your representatives will soon discover that resisting the Sith is a futile endeavour. The Dark Side cannot be suppressed; the flames of conflict that force all of us to evolve are inextinguishable.

Unfortunately for you, Light, no matter how bright, will always find itself surrounded by an infinity of Darkness. It is an unbreakable law of nature. So it has been since the dawn of time, and so it will remain for all eternity.

Continue your provocations, and they will be answered with merciless violence. I promise you, by the Emperor’s will, I shall summon an ocean of death and flood your cities with waves of terror if necessary. Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps the day after tomorrow, or perhaps years from now. To someone who has seen what I have seen, months are as days, and days are but fleeting seconds. My patience is limitless… Your demise is certain.

Choose your course of action wisely. It is not too late to atone for your mistakes… yet.

Order or Chaos, decide your fate.”

A very nervous-looking Xera D’Ukal appears behind her desk looking back at the video being displayed as it fades away.

We apologize to our viewers for the technical difficulties.  We will now resume our regularly scheduled programming!

-Xera D’Ukal, GNN News Reporting


Sith Empire Address to the Galaxy

November 4, 2013 5 comments

Galactic News Network broadcast an address of Darth Infestus from the Sith Imperial News Network.

Darth Infestus, Hand of the Emperor broadcasted an address to the Galaxy aiming to gain support to the imperial cause and praising the stability of the Sith regime.

“Saarai… It means truth in the ancient Sith language. And the truth, fellow citizens of the Galaxy, is what I wish to discuss today.

“The peoples of this Galaxy are as divided as the stars themselves. Political conflicts have spread like the raging fires of a supernova, igniting an inferno of ignorance in their wake.
This, my fellow citizens, has left us in a state of instability where few worlds, if any at all, can truly prosper.

“For centuries I have observed the births and deaths of countless societies. Witnessing these events has taught me a great deal about the balance between chaos and serenity. In hopes that we may yet extinguish this flame of ignorance and enjoy prosperity once more, I wish to share with you some of that knowledge.

“There are two possible causes for the collapse of a society. Destruction can come from an exterior source, or from within. The latter in particular has affected us the past decades, causing us to drift apart further than ever before.

“History teaches us that after a time of conflict, peace always follows. How long this moment of peace lasts depends on the foundation that was built during the conflict preceding it. The strength of this foundation determines the survival or fall of a society in the future. What we can do now is build a foundation surpassing anything the Galaxy has seen before!

“Lately the organisation I represent has suffered much slander from the ignorant, but regardless of their opinions, one cannot deny that the modern Sith Empire has proven itself to be the most stable galactic organisation of our age.

“Where other societies fell victim to the changes of time and inevitably crumbled until they were no more than dust, we survived.
“We survived because we recognized the necessity of conflict.
“We recognized the crucial role it plays in evolution.
“And thus, we welcome those who have not yet joined our cause to do so now.
“We welcome you to profit from the stability we have enjoyed for years.
“We welcome you to look to us for direction and leadership in this time of need.
“To look to us for the knowledge required to build a foundation that will last for millennia.

“All you have to do is find the courage to acknowledge the truth, as we have.
“Those who do not, will be left behind!

“Only as one, unified under the Imperial Banner, shall stability, and by extension prosperity, return to your worlds in time.

“Let those who oppose us burn in the flame of ignorance!

“For the Emperor!”


Huttler magazine 6th edition

October 11, 2013 9 comments

Galactic News Network received the last issue of the Huttler.

After a long time of preparation, the Huttler Magazine broadcasted its sixth edition. It’s dedicated this time to Twi’lek, Togruta and Nightsister. Huttler is an irregularly released publication catering to young hutt and displaying the beauties of the Galaxy. Some of its audience also claim they read it just for the stories.

It’ll be available in every holobook shop in the Galaxy.

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News Release: Sith Empire reaffirms Ossus control

October 10, 2013 33 comments

Following Rumours of a battle on Ossus, Darth Rowe addressed a broadcast in the name of the Sith Empire.

Sith Imperial Broadcast
High above the quiet forrests of Ossus a ship roars across the skies and comes to a landing near the Great Library. As it lands, the platform drops down and a small contigent of Imperial Sith Military (ISM) troops rush out and take up defensive positions as Dark Lady Rowe, Executor of the Sith Empire, steps down casually glancing around.

Some members of the Imperial Public Relations crew step out behind her and set up for a holofeed transmission.

Dark Lady Rowe stands in front of the library, casting a prominent shadow across the ground from the flames of torches burning all around her.

Darth Rowe

People of the Sith Empire, and the galaxy at large. I am here because there seems to be some confusion as to who owns this planet. As you can see, I stand here clearly unopposed because not only is Ossus managed by the empire, but we have an entire fleet here. Make no mistake, this planet belongs to the Sith, and any such attempts to infiltrate or encroach upon our territories will be considered an act of war against the empire and its allies.

She waves off any follow up questions and the transmission ends abruptly leaving only the symbol of the Sith Empire on the screen.

CIS Press Release

September 18, 2013 Comments off

Galactic News Network recieved a press release from the CIS, after their meeting turned private.

CIS meeting

The Confederation of Independent Systems (CIS), the oldest active trade union in the galaxy (represented by Korriban, Sleheyron, Zonama Sekot, Kessel Gate and others) is going public. In light of recent events, the shipping lanes are now open and operating uninterrupted again. The Confederation of Independent Systems is looking to both renew and create new trade negotiations with systems all over the galaxy at this time, regardless of faction or affiliation.

To this end, the CIS is excited to announce an opening of the public business forum as a chance to meet with representatives from different regions, discuss business, bring up issues, or propose your own ideas. Find out what working with the CIS can do for you and your planet’s economic growth.

The first CIS Public Meeting will be in a week ((Tues, Sept 24th, 10pm SLT)) at Kessel Gate. A second CIS Public Meeting will follow a week after.

The CIS Public Meetings will also serve as press conferences where leaders of represented systems will announce any events, happenings, or changes of which the public should be made aware.

Press Release: Master Questi Found Alive

August 25, 2013 Comments off

Galactic News Network received the following press release

New Alderaan: The body of reknown Jedi Master Mass Questi was discovered on Nar Shaddaa two nights ago, and brought to an undisclosed location on New Alderaan. The Master, long thought dead following his apparent demise at the hands of Darth Abyssus is said to be in stable but serious condition and is being tended to by the Jedi enclave on New Alderaan.

Mass Questi in coma

According to sources close to the Jedi, several nights ago, a GLA operative was approached by an unnamed Aleena on Nar Shaddaa, attempting to sell an electrum lightsaber on the black market. The operative was not only able to purchase the saber, but was able to learn that Master Questi himself was alive and in stasis at the Aleena’s residence on Nar. After some negotiation, the Aleena brought the operative to Questi and agreed to release the Jedi to the him and his partner. The pair transported the aged Master to New Alderaan, where he was released into the Jedi’s care.

Master Questi is said to still be in a comatose state, though the several years he spent suspended in bacta is said to have healed him physically. It’s clear that if and when he awakes, he will have a long road to recovery ahead of him, considering his age and the duration of time he was in stasis. Physicians examining the Master are optimistic he’ll recover fully. Questi is currently under guard by the Jedi and their associated allies.

For more information on the story please contact Jedi Knight Tekisui of the Jedi Order.

Belutric the Hutt refute Shaka’s policy

May 27, 2013 9 comments

Galactic News Network received a message from Belutric the Hutt

In a message sent to the redaction, Belutric the Hutt denied Shaka the “right to speak in the name of the Clan Council”. For him Shaka was still “a child Hutt and should be treated as such.” The Clan Council he’s part of has no business in Nar Shaddaa or with Shaka’s clan. He concluded the council doesn’t take sides and remains independent from Sith or Jedi.

So far, the dissent between the Hutt Clans isn’t going to end.

Letter to the Editor, from Belutric the Hutt

Let it be known that the hutt clan council has no involvement in any actions against the jedi. Shaka and his clan are acting alone. The clan council has no bad feelings towards the jedi and will seek to continue business with them. Shaka is ruled by Sith. It is only his clan that shows such weakness and it shall be only his business that is destroyed. Shaka has no authority to speak for the council. Do not listern to a child hutt or false claims made by them. Shaka repersents only his clan. Business for the hutt clan council is now conducted on Tatooine. No business made by Shaka will be honored by the Clan Council. Any that make deals with Shaka expecting the Clan Council to honor the deal are being conned.

Belutric Nasirii
Clan Council Leader