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Sith Empire Warning to the Republic

January 10, 2014 Comments off

The regularly scheduled programming of the Galactic News Network suddenly turns to static, followed shortly by an override of video footage.

Darth Infestus, Hand of the Emperor, interrupts GNN’s regularly scheduled programming to bring the citizens of the Galaxy this broadcast:


“Citizens of the Republic, listen and listen closely, for I must warn you.

You and your representatives will soon discover that resisting the Sith is a futile endeavour. The Dark Side cannot be suppressed; the flames of conflict that force all of us to evolve are inextinguishable.

Unfortunately for you, Light, no matter how bright, will always find itself surrounded by an infinity of Darkness. It is an unbreakable law of nature. So it has been since the dawn of time, and so it will remain for all eternity.

Continue your provocations, and they will be answered with merciless violence. I promise you, by the Emperor’s will, I shall summon an ocean of death and flood your cities with waves of terror if necessary. Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps the day after tomorrow, or perhaps years from now. To someone who has seen what I have seen, months are as days, and days are but fleeting seconds. My patience is limitless… Your demise is certain.

Choose your course of action wisely. It is not too late to atone for your mistakes… yet.

Order or Chaos, decide your fate.”

A very nervous-looking Xera D’Ukal appears behind her desk looking back at the video being displayed as it fades away.

We apologize to our viewers for the technical difficulties.  We will now resume our regularly scheduled programming!

-Xera D’Ukal, GNN News Reporting


Byss Academy opening

November 19, 2013 7 comments

Reporters of the Galactic News were invited to the opening of the Byss Academy.

Presentation of the Academy

The Byss Academy ran an opening ceremony in the Sith Empire capitale. The crowd sat in the dark lecture hall, while the staff introduced them with the whereabout of the academy. Darth Sar’Rai explained “The Byss Academy is a result of an initiative personally approved and generously funded by our Sith Monarch, Emperor Destius. The Empire, as you can see, have been thriving in our growth and our citizens, prosper in their standard of living in ways never experienced before. Thus, there have been a growing interest in furthering their knowledge beyond what the typical education institution can provide. Initially, the Academy was to be the place where the Empire Citizen as well as those affiliated with his Majesty’s service, namely the Dark Lords of the Sith Order, the Imperial Sith Military and even the Buurenaar Mandalorian clan can enroll. However, Emperor Destius has decided to open the door to beyond those mentioned. Anyone that adhere to the belief of the Dark side can now freely join in to enjoy the benefit. We certainly has the capabilities to accommodate all who hold such an interest.”

Discussions after the opening

With the academy, the Empire wish to open the Dark Side to a wider range of people and not just the Sith. The lectures will cover various matters such as cultures, species, organizations, etc, inviting guest experts. The classes will be free of charge. The students will have no obligation to serve the Empire or the Sith. They will be free to use their acquired knowledge as they want. The inscriptions are yet open.

One of the teacher, Darth Maziel, explained she share the knowledge she gaining during her long experience and training with prophets, marauders and sorcerers and her services to the Empire. Darth Sar’Rai expect the teachers will provide unique knowledge, unable to be learned out of the academy.

After the presentation, the staff discussed more openly with the people. Many in the audience showed interest to the academy’s upcoming teachings.

– Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

Sith Empire Address to the Galaxy

November 4, 2013 5 comments

Galactic News Network broadcast an address of Darth Infestus from the Sith Imperial News Network.

Darth Infestus, Hand of the Emperor broadcasted an address to the Galaxy aiming to gain support to the imperial cause and praising the stability of the Sith regime.

“Saarai… It means truth in the ancient Sith language. And the truth, fellow citizens of the Galaxy, is what I wish to discuss today.

“The peoples of this Galaxy are as divided as the stars themselves. Political conflicts have spread like the raging fires of a supernova, igniting an inferno of ignorance in their wake.
This, my fellow citizens, has left us in a state of instability where few worlds, if any at all, can truly prosper.

“For centuries I have observed the births and deaths of countless societies. Witnessing these events has taught me a great deal about the balance between chaos and serenity. In hopes that we may yet extinguish this flame of ignorance and enjoy prosperity once more, I wish to share with you some of that knowledge.

“There are two possible causes for the collapse of a society. Destruction can come from an exterior source, or from within. The latter in particular has affected us the past decades, causing us to drift apart further than ever before.

“History teaches us that after a time of conflict, peace always follows. How long this moment of peace lasts depends on the foundation that was built during the conflict preceding it. The strength of this foundation determines the survival or fall of a society in the future. What we can do now is build a foundation surpassing anything the Galaxy has seen before!

“Lately the organisation I represent has suffered much slander from the ignorant, but regardless of their opinions, one cannot deny that the modern Sith Empire has proven itself to be the most stable galactic organisation of our age.

“Where other societies fell victim to the changes of time and inevitably crumbled until they were no more than dust, we survived.
“We survived because we recognized the necessity of conflict.
“We recognized the crucial role it plays in evolution.
“And thus, we welcome those who have not yet joined our cause to do so now.
“We welcome you to profit from the stability we have enjoyed for years.
“We welcome you to look to us for direction and leadership in this time of need.
“To look to us for the knowledge required to build a foundation that will last for millennia.

“All you have to do is find the courage to acknowledge the truth, as we have.
“Those who do not, will be left behind!

“Only as one, unified under the Imperial Banner, shall stability, and by extension prosperity, return to your worlds in time.

“Let those who oppose us burn in the flame of ignorance!

“For the Emperor!”


New Sith Empire formed on Krayiss II

October 16, 2013 42 comments

Local Correspondent filed this report from Krayiss II.

Sith gather to listen to the NSO leaders.

Krayiss II: Representatives from several Sith factions gathered to form the beginnings of a New Sith Empire. As Lady Chaos greeted guests, Darth Apparition addressed the crowd, “Today, The New Sith Order, and the supporting Orders here have gathered in something that has not been seen among our kind in many years. Today, we take back what is rightfully ours to rebuild not only Sith Space, but our kind as a whole. For a while now The Jedi Order has been established, while we remain fractured and splintered allowing our people to fall to the Light and our land to be lost, letting time itself cover once great monuments in dust … Today we bring some of the remaining Sith Leaders together, to sign into law the creation of a new Empire. And as of this moment, we come together to revoke the claim of the Dark Lords of the Sith on Byss to being the Sith Empire. And due to their nonexistence they will now in the eyes of the Sith be a Cult of the Darkside and no longer an Empire or an Order. For years they have oppressed us with their ways, not allowing any Sith to reach their potential, to remain changed and as such violating the Code that has been forever our way. Today, and as of this moment we are the deciding voices of the Future of the Sith”.

He then turned to Lady Chaos and introduced her to those gathered, ” announce Dark Lady Chaos as the Candidate from The New Sith Order to lead us into a new Era of Strength. She has proven time and time again that she is worthy as Dark Lady, and has kept our ways and some of our most oldest and important teachings alive even when it seemed that the Dark would fade away.”, which was then followed by Lady Chaos taking to the floor, “There is a new era and as predicted, the shifting changes are at hand, the Jedi and masses have grown far too bold , the Sith must rise into a new beginning so our future is secure…”.

Lady Chaos then addressed the apprentices and initiates and told them it was their time to shine and make their mark on the galaxy. Darth Apparition also clarified the announcements by stating “Our goal today is to Unite what remains of the fractured Sith community. Not to place just another person on a throne, we have seen enough of that with Darth Destius and his predecessors. While today at the end of this we will have a leader, and I am suggesting to all of you that the Dark Lady is the best choice for us. And with a ruling council in place who will help bring fresh ideas to the table, I feel that we will do a better job at Organizing, rebuilding and making sure that there will be a next generation of our kind”.

Apparition admitted that the status of Sith space and Sith worlds were in terrible positions and challenged those present to take leadership roles in their worlds and bring their systems back to the glory of the height of the Sith Empire. Follow Apparitions speech, Lady Ciera took to the floor, “My name is Lady Ciera, once known as Darth Nessa Kryloth, of the Byss Empire …  During my time with the Dark Lords, I learned much. But eventually reached a plateau. I freed myself of the bonds which held me there. And walked the Galaxy alone. Since then, I’ve gained much. Learned more, and understood better … As leader of the Order of Seven. Heir to the Throne of Lehon, and once Sith Queen of Ziost. I support your endeavors. And second that Lady Chaos, be officially installed as Dark Lady of the Sith”. She then stated that she respected the Sith that came before but that now it was a new era for the Sith to rise once again.

Lady Chaos named New Sith Empire leader

Lady Chaos then took her new position stating that she would lead the Sith in this new era and serve with those of the Empire such as the initiates, troopers and others on the front as they pave a new way in the galaxy. Many in the crowd such as Darth Altus made a vocal support for Lady Chaos with him specifically stating, “All of us here know that the sith order is only as strong as its leader and for too long have we gone without one. Words can inspire and guide the forces of the sith to unity as they have done tonight but the foundations of our order rely on action. Should Darth Chaos fail to deliver on her promises of a new era, it is the way of our people to replace her. I have lived too long as a lord of the sith to watch our people fade into ambiguity. I will not be known as the last of the sith who turned his head and let our traditions die…The black guard have seeded themselves all across the galaxy and under my management have converted entirely back to the ways of the sith, you have our support…By every word of the sith code we must act as one”.

Darth Apparition  thanked those for their support starting with Lady Ciera, then Darth Altus, Lord Viscantus and others and then addressed Lord Talon personally seeking his allegiance as well, stating that it was time for action now. Lord Talon then answered, “Indeed I shall, I am one with the sith people. I have spent my life dedicating myself to our ways, seeking for the empire to remold. I am glad Lady Ciera and I are on the same page for once … I will what must be done to see the Sith rise again”.

Following Lady Chaos thanking those in support, Apparition then challenged for those that were against the leadership of Lady Chaos to voice their objections as he also announced that Governor Prax, because of his work and loyalty, be given a senior governor position on the governing council. As no one came forward to object, Prax addressed the crowds stating his allegiance was behind this new government and that he would work for the glory of the Empire.

As the crowning of Lady Chaos came to an end, leaders of other Sith factions also pledged their allegiance to the new government now with their capital on Krayiss II.  The following days should be interesting as other Sith factions are asked to come within the fold. As for further information on the goals and specifics of this new Sith Empire as well as any word from Byss, they will be reported as they come in. Stay tuned.”

-Local Correspondent

Galaxy Choice Awards Held on Kessel Gate

August 25, 2013 4 comments

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the GNN and X Play sponsored Galaxy Choice Awards.

Crowd gathers on Kessel Gate.

Kessel Gate: Hosted by X Play and sponsored by GNN, the Galaxy Choice Awards were held whereby galactic citizens voted for famous locations around the Galaxy that were nominated into several categories. Polly Vexed hosted the event with Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide announcing the winners in each category. Minx Bade of X Play provided the trophies.

Starting of the fun-filled evening was the category titled “Best Place to be Frozen in Carbonite and Sold”. The Nominees were Nar Shaddaa, Death Star III, and Mos Eisley on Tatooine. The winner was announced to be Nar Shaddaa who was unable to send a representative at this time.

Coming next was the category titled “Best Place to Convert to the Darkside”, with the nominees being Byss , Korriban, and Yavin IV. Korriban won the category and their prize will be delivered soon.

Minx Bade receiving the trophy for friendliest place.

The next category announced was the “Best Place to Find the Droids You are Looking for” with the nominees  being Kessel Gate, Tython, and Datooine. And the winner for those with lost droids and a need to find a friendly place was Kessel Gate. Minx Bade came forward to accept the trophy on behalf of Kessel Gate.

For those with knowledge of galaxy history the next category was “Best Place to Lose an Empire to Ewoks” with the nominees being the Forest Moon of Endor, Bakura, and Marlev 4. The Forest Moon of Endor won though no ewoks were in attendance to accept the award at this time.

Following the ewoks came the category “The Best Place to Raise a Padawan”, with the nominees being Yavin 4, Ruusan, and New Holstice. Yavin 4 won this category with Phoenix accepting the trophy on behalf of the KOJ and thanking those that voted and told that the KOJ had become family and was a great place to train.

Audience waiting to here the winners of their favorite category.

For the military-minded the category “Best Place to Shoot First” came up next. Nominated were Ziost, Mandalore, and Dromund Kaas. With the extensive experience and elevation of blasterplay to an art form Mandalore won this category.  Dral Kom’rk Werda accepted the award and stated it would be brought to Mandalore safely.

Ending the night was the prize for the most romantic location in the galaxy. Nominated were Zonama Sekot, Ossus and Arkania. With its beautiful landscapes and picturesque backdrops Ossus won this category.

With that the award ceremony came to an end, but a new round of voting will be held next year so get ready with your favorite location.

In summary the category and winners were as followed:

  • “Best Place to be Frozen in Carbonite and Sold” – Nar Shaddaa
  • “Best Place to Convert to the Darkside” – Korriban
  • “Best Place to Find the Droids You are Looking for” – Kessel Gate
  • “Best Place to Lose an Empire to Ewoks” – Forest Moon of Endor
  • “Best Place to Raise a Padawan” – Yavin IV
  • “Best Place to Shoot First” – Mandalore
  • “Most Romantic” – Ossus

Business and Politics at Hutt Night

July 25, 2013 Comments off

Reporters of the Galactic News Network attended in the Hutt Nigth in Nar Shaddaa

A large crowd gathered in the Black Hole Casino, for the Hutt Night. Only one Hutt was attending, and most of the discussion were answered by Sinala Lirimaer and Sihivus Verne. After a security warning, the guest were invited to come.

A Crowded Hutt Night

The first speakers were a delegation from Byss, led by Darth Periculosa and Darth Aeon. They declared the Sith Empire and the Imperious entered into an alliance. This alliance should not disrupt the other side’s trade, wealth or power in any of their holding. Darth Periculosa said the empire will offer its assistance against attempts to force the Imperious from their “rightful place among the Galaxy’s elite.” Sihivus Verne acknowledged the message, noting other, unrelated, Sith demanded they hand their power over the Moon. Periculosa qualified such demand as “irrelevant”. For the Sith Empire the moon was an Imperious’ holding and they have no design in Nar shaddaa but trading.

The next on the grate was Sparrow Valdis, leader of the Apotheosis Corporation, coming to recruit professional freelancers to satisfy their customers. Sparrow presented the corporation as a “dating agency for business.” They focus on business and expect their freelancers love their work. Sparrow also deplored the recent bombing in the Skyway Lounge, a “fine establishment contributing to the economy and offering services to many across the Galaxy,” and offered a reward for any regarding information.

Then came a droid called Spectre, sent but “the infamous droidsmith” Markus Soto. Even if Soto resides in Kessel Gate, that is also hosting a Hutt opposition to Nar Shaddaa’s regime, Spectre outlined his master’s neutrality. Markus Soto is looking for the Droid Core, a “book of knowledge” he wants to better his droid. Aid to get this core will be rewarded.

As the night came to a close, Sharifa Omar made a final announcement, mainly to Yarel the Hutt, that Miss Verne had him the main face for Nar Shaddaa, but that she herself had been appointed by Verne to lead the under city along with the Black Hole Casino. Yarel gave a nod as he left the stage bringing Hutt Night to an end.”

-Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

Major Deal with Sith Empire Entered into at Hutt Night

July 18, 2013 9 comments

GNN reporter Daana Kira attended the latest Hutt Night.

Black Hole Casio: In this famous establishment on Nar Shaddaa, Hutt Night was once again held with Sihivus Verne and Yarel the Hutt overseeing the event with Sharifa Omar hosting.

Hutt Night

Having not been seen for some quite sometime entering into public business deals on Nar Shaddaa, representative of the Sith Empire out of Byss came before the leaders. Lard Atrox of the Dark Lords of the Sith took the lead and spoke to the moon’s leaders. He stated that they had recently captured Lady Nessa for crimes against the Empire. However the Empire was willing to use her as a traded commodity with those of the moon. Both Miss Verne and Yarel were interested with Miss Omar taking a back seat to this deal. In exchange for the handing over of the prisoner, the Empire would enter into a deal over trade lanes going through Hutt Space.

The deal mainly would allow the Sith Empire jurisdiction over the lanes, leaving them to secure them and use as they wished. In addition the Sith Empire would oversee the trade routes on behalf of Nar Shaddaa, protecting commerce, providing extra security to Nar Shaddaa and allowing certain Hutt ande Verne military operations through. The management of these trade lanes would free up a lot of resources and Miss Verne and Yarel agreed to the terms with Miss Omar making an objection that it would only lead to bad things giving the Empire so much control. The Sith envoy was pleased, and said a treaty would be sent soon to finalize all the details though a tentative arrangement was entered into immediately. They were happy to continue their peaceful arrangements with the new leadership as they had with the Hutt Council.

Controls in front of the casino

Having made a deal, bolstering Nar Shadda’s security and formalizing a relationship with a new ally, Hutt Night came slowly to an end with one more visitor from the Jedi who had been involved in a prior conflict with Verne and her forces. A mask that had been taken from Verne was returned and the matter ended without trouble.

-Rakiko Lowtide