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Kessel Gate renovates

November 28, 2013 Comments off

A reporter of Galactic News visited the Kessel Gate under renovation.

Po Vewe in the Starlight

Kessel Gate: The asteroid in the Kessel sector known as the Gate was seized by the planetary government due to tax issue with the Gate’s original investor Kaelinn X. A trial is still planned, but the authorities already started to invest in the asteroid’s renovation. According to Sergeant Major Po Vexe, the government understood this asteroid was an important stop and military position for the planet.

The Lower Hangar

A new lower hanger with a repair facility and an adjacent duty-free shop and an alchemist shop have been set to attract the travellers. The rebuilt is financed by Kessel. Expectantly, they will be refunded by the income of this facilities and the asteroid’s own industry. It indeed has a droid factory and yet closed mines. The mines are currently infested by large bugs despite the efforts voluntary spacers had made to chase them away.

The Rocket Down level

In the upper area of the asteroid still stands the Rocket Down cantina. It’s now surrounded by decorations and small garden. Also a new club, the StarLight, was set up to relax in security. All travellers and businessmen are welcome if they respect the Kessel laws.

– Daana Kira


Kaelinn ‘Baby Girl’ X goes to prison

October 29, 2013 1 comment

Local correspondant in Kessel reported a police operation.

Early this morning, the home of infamous entertainment mogul Kaelinn ‘Baby Girl’ X was raided by Kessel authority. Records, hard drives, holos and other physical evidence was collected as X was taken into custody for tax evasion, perjury, fraud and money laundering. Her banking accounts and physical assets were seized at the same time during this well planned surgical strike.

X has long been suspected of organized crime after netting millions of credits working for Jiramma Hutt Clan, Nasirii Hutt Clan and her own entertainment company X Play. She is also accused of profit skimming and price fixing on past events she has created such as the Galactic Swoop Cup, Bengat Pod and STAP races, Galaxy Choice Awards, numerous pageants including Miss Galaxy and other lesser events like public fights and gambling.

According to Kessel laws of business, and a contract signed between X and the Kessel Government X has defaulted on her Kessel Gate loan as well, leaving the fate of the newly refurbished gateway to Kessel unknown at this time. It is customary for the Kessel Government to seize all assets of the people they have imprisoned.

The Kessel penal system is well known for it’s strict regulations and X could see a long time behind bars before ever seeing a judge.

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CIS Meetings up for Re-scheduling

October 9, 2013 Comments off

A reporter of the Galactic News Network went to the CIS meeting in Zonama Sekot.

A meeting of the CIS summed up to a discussion between Kaelinn X from Kessel Gate, Salene Lusch and Flint Mokeev from Zonama Sekot. Kaelinn deplored the disapearance of some members, weakening the organisation while the union could have been positive. They evoked to schedule the meetings differently for a larger audience.

Meeting in Zonama Sekot

Also Kaelinn X wished to run official visits to other systems in the hope to improve their relationships and the visibility of the Confederacy. Salene Lusch regreted most organision would be stay-at-home or were not open enough to others. However, Zonama Sekot would send an emissary along with Kaelinn or mandate her to talk in their name in this travels.

Finaly Kaelinn X introduced The Wheel, an orbital station over Nar Shaddaa, relic of the past time. It will soon reopen as a casino and provide entertaintment under the direction of the Kessel Group.

– Daana Kira

CIS Press Release

September 18, 2013 Comments off

Galactic News Network recieved a press release from the CIS, after their meeting turned private.

CIS meeting

The Confederation of Independent Systems (CIS), the oldest active trade union in the galaxy (represented by Korriban, Sleheyron, Zonama Sekot, Kessel Gate and others) is going public. In light of recent events, the shipping lanes are now open and operating uninterrupted again. The Confederation of Independent Systems is looking to both renew and create new trade negotiations with systems all over the galaxy at this time, regardless of faction or affiliation.

To this end, the CIS is excited to announce an opening of the public business forum as a chance to meet with representatives from different regions, discuss business, bring up issues, or propose your own ideas. Find out what working with the CIS can do for you and your planet’s economic growth.

The first CIS Public Meeting will be in a week ((Tues, Sept 24th, 10pm SLT)) at Kessel Gate. A second CIS Public Meeting will follow a week after.

The CIS Public Meetings will also serve as press conferences where leaders of represented systems will announce any events, happenings, or changes of which the public should be made aware.

Sleyheyron Running At Optimal Capacity

September 9, 2013 Comments off

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide visited the Odominic controlled Sleyheyron shipyards.

Sleyheyron Shipyards

Sleheryon System: The shipyards owned by the Odominic Hutt Clan, headed by Issulla the Hutt are operating at full capacity. A large space station is at the center of the activity providing room and activities for workers and visitors alike. The 360 degree view allows a complete overlook of the activity taking place in orbit. Visitors though are advised to make themselves known upon arrival and contact station managers before docking due to the indiscriminate automated security systems which have a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later.

As for the shipyards themselves, they are outfitted with the latest and cutting edge shipbuilding technologies. The facilities are equipped to build stock to custom vessels of about any size from yachts to capital ships ranging in price from 250,000 credits to several hundred million. Most of the ships being built currently were based off imperial star destroyer designs but because of shipyards standards the customer names are confidential. Because of the efficiency of the shipyards, ships can be produced in record times, from just a few weeks to several months.

Exploring the cantina with allies of the Odominic

The space station will also be a center place for business and other business for the Odominic clan and its allies, which include members of the CIS and other Hutt clans. However, even though a meeting hall has been set up for Issulla the Hutt she will still be holding court on Kessel Gate for the foreseeable future. Other facilities are included to give traders and other visitors a chance to relax or conduct business and in the future special events may also be held there.Overall the shipyards were impressive to see and for those looking to do business with the Hutts, are in the market for a new ship, or need someplace to set up trades, the Sleheyron Shipyards are the place to be.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira>

Hutt business at Odominic Night

August 31, 2013 Comments off

A correspondent of Galactic News Network attended in the Odominic Night in Kessel Gate.

Again a large crowd gathered at the StarLight in Kessel Gate to do business with the remnants of the mighty Hutt Council. In attendance were Issulla Odominic and Rolga Bareesh.

Xii addressing to the Hutt

The first speaker of the night was Magus the hutt’s Majordomo, Xi’i. She addressed the Council on behalf of Magus with a proposition to have diplomatic relations between the hutts at Kessel Gate and those on Nar Shaddaa. Xi’i went on to say “He wishes to do so because he would like to see the hutts united once more.” Issulla the Hutt responded favorably to the proposition saying “It is the desire of Odominic for us hutts to be united, only peace between hutts is profitable.” Xi’i then said they intend to present the offer at the next hutt night on Nar Shaddaa as well, and set up a meeting between Issulla and Magus to talk more of this business further.

Sharizar Stormfrost

The next speaker was a regular to the scene, Captain Sharizar Stormfrost of the Crimson Talon Pirates. who seemed to be giving an update of her recent exploits to the Council, Listing off ships her and her crew had acquired, credits along with other loot, and giving the hutts their share. on one final note, the Capitan mentioned their next run will be in the worlds outlying the core. So this reporter recommends staying out of that sector for awhile.

Zandross Lanzius

The next person to take the stage was called up by Rolga the hutt, Zandross Lanzius accompanied by two others. They seemed to have a lot of past tension when they spoke, as Rolga called the man a traitor and asked why he came to the council. Zandross calmed that his child was at the Kessel gate med bay and came to reclaim her. it also became clear this group was after an unknown object and Rolga the hutt has in his possession. after the mighty hutt stated they would never get what they were looking for, the group left the starlight and headed to the med bay to get Zandross’ child.

Galaxy Choice Awards Held on Kessel Gate

August 25, 2013 4 comments

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the GNN and X Play sponsored Galaxy Choice Awards.

Crowd gathers on Kessel Gate.

Kessel Gate: Hosted by X Play and sponsored by GNN, the Galaxy Choice Awards were held whereby galactic citizens voted for famous locations around the Galaxy that were nominated into several categories. Polly Vexed hosted the event with Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide announcing the winners in each category. Minx Bade of X Play provided the trophies.

Starting of the fun-filled evening was the category titled “Best Place to be Frozen in Carbonite and Sold”. The Nominees were Nar Shaddaa, Death Star III, and Mos Eisley on Tatooine. The winner was announced to be Nar Shaddaa who was unable to send a representative at this time.

Coming next was the category titled “Best Place to Convert to the Darkside”, with the nominees being Byss , Korriban, and Yavin IV. Korriban won the category and their prize will be delivered soon.

Minx Bade receiving the trophy for friendliest place.

The next category announced was the “Best Place to Find the Droids You are Looking for” with the nominees  being Kessel Gate, Tython, and Datooine. And the winner for those with lost droids and a need to find a friendly place was Kessel Gate. Minx Bade came forward to accept the trophy on behalf of Kessel Gate.

For those with knowledge of galaxy history the next category was “Best Place to Lose an Empire to Ewoks” with the nominees being the Forest Moon of Endor, Bakura, and Marlev 4. The Forest Moon of Endor won though no ewoks were in attendance to accept the award at this time.

Following the ewoks came the category “The Best Place to Raise a Padawan”, with the nominees being Yavin 4, Ruusan, and New Holstice. Yavin 4 won this category with Phoenix accepting the trophy on behalf of the KOJ and thanking those that voted and told that the KOJ had become family and was a great place to train.

Audience waiting to here the winners of their favorite category.

For the military-minded the category “Best Place to Shoot First” came up next. Nominated were Ziost, Mandalore, and Dromund Kaas. With the extensive experience and elevation of blasterplay to an art form Mandalore won this category.  Dral Kom’rk Werda accepted the award and stated it would be brought to Mandalore safely.

Ending the night was the prize for the most romantic location in the galaxy. Nominated were Zonama Sekot, Ossus and Arkania. With its beautiful landscapes and picturesque backdrops Ossus won this category.

With that the award ceremony came to an end, but a new round of voting will be held next year so get ready with your favorite location.

In summary the category and winners were as followed:

  • “Best Place to be Frozen in Carbonite and Sold” – Nar Shaddaa
  • “Best Place to Convert to the Darkside” – Korriban
  • “Best Place to Find the Droids You are Looking for” – Kessel Gate
  • “Best Place to Lose an Empire to Ewoks” – Forest Moon of Endor
  • “Best Place to Raise a Padawan” – Yavin IV
  • “Best Place to Shoot First” – Mandalore
  • “Most Romantic” – Ossus