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Robes of the Hand Interview

December 17, 2013 3 comments

A reporter of the Galactic News met the Robes of the Hands in Korriban.

Robes of the Hand

Korriban: The Robes of the Hand (ROTH) have recently joined the Imperial Inquisition and explained their position. Their leader, Cyprus Talon, said the robes are training the Inquisition Students. Their purpose is to create a new Sith Empire. He disdained the Sith Empire in Krayus that he was formely part of, claiming they had not “the knowledge or power to become the true Sith Empire.”

Darth Talon explained the Sith had hunted the Jedi since eons, seeking a perfect world without conflict and under their rule. The Inquisition will continue this policy and those opposing to their view of “peace” will be crushed. Recently they raided the Jedi academy of Yavin 4 to capture old artifacts.

– Daana Kira


CIS Press Release

September 18, 2013 Comments off

Galactic News Network recieved a press release from the CIS, after their meeting turned private.

CIS meeting

The Confederation of Independent Systems (CIS), the oldest active trade union in the galaxy (represented by Korriban, Sleheyron, Zonama Sekot, Kessel Gate and others) is going public. In light of recent events, the shipping lanes are now open and operating uninterrupted again. The Confederation of Independent Systems is looking to both renew and create new trade negotiations with systems all over the galaxy at this time, regardless of faction or affiliation.

To this end, the CIS is excited to announce an opening of the public business forum as a chance to meet with representatives from different regions, discuss business, bring up issues, or propose your own ideas. Find out what working with the CIS can do for you and your planet’s economic growth.

The first CIS Public Meeting will be in a week ((Tues, Sept 24th, 10pm SLT)) at Kessel Gate. A second CIS Public Meeting will follow a week after.

The CIS Public Meetings will also serve as press conferences where leaders of represented systems will announce any events, happenings, or changes of which the public should be made aware.

Galaxy Choice Awards Held on Kessel Gate

August 25, 2013 4 comments

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the GNN and X Play sponsored Galaxy Choice Awards.

Crowd gathers on Kessel Gate.

Kessel Gate: Hosted by X Play and sponsored by GNN, the Galaxy Choice Awards were held whereby galactic citizens voted for famous locations around the Galaxy that were nominated into several categories. Polly Vexed hosted the event with Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide announcing the winners in each category. Minx Bade of X Play provided the trophies.

Starting of the fun-filled evening was the category titled “Best Place to be Frozen in Carbonite and Sold”. The Nominees were Nar Shaddaa, Death Star III, and Mos Eisley on Tatooine. The winner was announced to be Nar Shaddaa who was unable to send a representative at this time.

Coming next was the category titled “Best Place to Convert to the Darkside”, with the nominees being Byss , Korriban, and Yavin IV. Korriban won the category and their prize will be delivered soon.

Minx Bade receiving the trophy for friendliest place.

The next category announced was the “Best Place to Find the Droids You are Looking for” with the nominees  being Kessel Gate, Tython, and Datooine. And the winner for those with lost droids and a need to find a friendly place was Kessel Gate. Minx Bade came forward to accept the trophy on behalf of Kessel Gate.

For those with knowledge of galaxy history the next category was “Best Place to Lose an Empire to Ewoks” with the nominees being the Forest Moon of Endor, Bakura, and Marlev 4. The Forest Moon of Endor won though no ewoks were in attendance to accept the award at this time.

Following the ewoks came the category “The Best Place to Raise a Padawan”, with the nominees being Yavin 4, Ruusan, and New Holstice. Yavin 4 won this category with Phoenix accepting the trophy on behalf of the KOJ and thanking those that voted and told that the KOJ had become family and was a great place to train.

Audience waiting to here the winners of their favorite category.

For the military-minded the category “Best Place to Shoot First” came up next. Nominated were Ziost, Mandalore, and Dromund Kaas. With the extensive experience and elevation of blasterplay to an art form Mandalore won this category.  Dral Kom’rk Werda accepted the award and stated it would be brought to Mandalore safely.

Ending the night was the prize for the most romantic location in the galaxy. Nominated were Zonama Sekot, Ossus and Arkania. With its beautiful landscapes and picturesque backdrops Ossus won this category.

With that the award ceremony came to an end, but a new round of voting will be held next year so get ready with your favorite location.

In summary the category and winners were as followed:

  • “Best Place to be Frozen in Carbonite and Sold” – Nar Shaddaa
  • “Best Place to Convert to the Darkside” – Korriban
  • “Best Place to Find the Droids You are Looking for” – Kessel Gate
  • “Best Place to Lose an Empire to Ewoks” – Forest Moon of Endor
  • “Best Place to Raise a Padawan” – Yavin IV
  • “Best Place to Shoot First” – Mandalore
  • “Most Romantic” – Ossus

CIS Meets on Korriban

August 19, 2013 Comments off

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest Confederation of Independent System’s (CIS) meeting on Korriban.

CIS meeting on Korriban

Korriban: Several members of the CIS met on Korriban to vote and discuss several issues facing the economic federation with security being at the forefront.  In attendance was the host Gistya Antilles of the Corellian Mining Corporation (CMC), representatives of X Play which included Minx Bade, Magister Salene Lusch of Zonama Sekot, and Iskara Kaar of the Odominic Hutt Clan. Several guests were also in attendance, including Weth Solo of the CMC.

At the forefront of the meeting was the discussion over the hiring of a security force. From the previous meeting several names had been given for possible organizations to take over the contract including the Revenant Aramda once again. However, the choice finally came down to the Mandalorian Clan Imari who sought the contract. They were invited to the meeting where several members were able to ask them questions.

Faardor Laar attended as the representative of her clan. She was joined by several other Mandalorians including Cyare Kar’rta Fett. Under CIS law, this security force would only act under a limited jurisdiction as governed by the Security Act with their activities restricted to established security zones unless a member world wished to give them more authority over their holdings.

After a question and answer period, whereby Clan Imari told of their capabilities and professionalism, with the clan a contract was drawn up to be signed by the Imari Alor with the provision that any contract could be terminated if the CIS became at odds with any actions by the Mandalore. The members vote unanimously to give the security contract to clan Imari, who were happy to accept the price.

Unveiling of CIS logo.

After the establishment of the security contract, Minx Bade addressed the gathering about some of the possible security issues that could be facing the CIS. She expressed concern over the changing of regimes on several planets and the expansion of some Sith and their territories in the galaxy. The other members told they would keep an eye on the matters to make sure their business wasn’t affected.

On a final matter, the introduction of the CIS logo was made that should soon be adorning CIS ships and assets. With that the meeting came to an end.”

-Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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Odominic night goes private

July 26, 2013 Comments off

The correspondant of Galactic News Network in Kessel Gate reported the Odominic Night.

Odominic Night once again at Kessel Gate saw an interesting turn of events. First came the traditional public meeting followed by a much longer series of private behind closed door meetings with Issulla Odominic, Meeka D’Lux and Rolga the Hutt in attendence.

First up for the public meeting was Master Marsh Solo with some information he promised last week at Odominic Night concerning attacks on the CIS world of Korriban. Master Solo reported that he had not been able to find any evidence such attacks ocured, or at least none that were recorded. He then asked if Odominic had heard any news of his missing saber and Odominic replied negatively.

Glimpse of the private meeting

The next person to bring public buisness to Odominic Night was Zinger, owner of the Rocket Down cantina on Kessel Gate. She said she was organizing a Pazzak tournament and offering cash prizes. Odominic agreed it sounded like a fun way to make some bank or maybe even run the bank, everyone agreed to discuss further since the launch date was still a little ways off.

And with that Meeka announced the public meetings over and dismissed the crowd so the private talks could begin. We spotted three people enter the chamber… a Mandalorian dressed in all black, later a lone female figure and finally what appeared to be Pinky, who was Gilbar the Hutts old Majordomo, but as to what was actually discussed we can only speculate.

CIS opens to organisations

July 1, 2013 Comments off

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest Confederation of Independent Systems on Zonama Sekot.

Zonama Sekot was once again the host for the latest CIS meeting before it rotates to Dathomir in two weeks. In attendance were Salene Lusch and Flint Mokeev of Zonama Sekot, Lady Kia of Dathomir, and Gistya Antilles of the Correllian Mining Corporation (CMC), along with guests, Minx Blade of X Play and Karsa Deerhunter from Deerhunter Trades.

CIS meeting on Zonama Sekot.

Carried over from the last meeting was the matter of allowing groups and other entities, even though they don’t have control of a geographical location, a membership status in the CIS. They would be given certain rights to propose matters and limited voting ability through the use of panels which would meet to vote and bring issues to the whole assembly.

After a debate over the wording and the intent of each amendment a final unanimous vote was made passing the changes to the Constitution. After the vote the CIS members spoke about trade between Nar Shaddaa and Kessel, hoping that the faction fighting between the Hutts and Sihivus Verne didn’t impede trade. Also Miss Antilles brought forth news that troops from Tython had engaged in a conflict with Genosian miners on Korriban. They were pushed back, but the CMC was concerned why they were invading the sovereignty of Korriban and are investigating the matter further. The other members also agreed to watch out for these troops utilizing clone armour and to possibly speak to Tython on the matter.

– Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

Rescue from Korriban

May 5, 2013 Comments off

Local GNN Correspondents on Tython made a report describing the rescue of NJO Grand Master Zac Mistwalker.

During the war between Jedi forces and those of Darth Septus and the Robe of the Hand led by Aeon Talon, NJO Grandmaster Zac Mistwalker had been captured during the early phases of the war.

Zac facing imprisonment on Korriban.

When the first fleets began to invade Tython several months ago, Master Mistwalker decided to end the battle quickly by striking out against the invading leadership. During the fighting he was able to fly his starfighter through the intense naval battle and land on the flagship of the enemy where he disembarked to find Septus and Talon himself. Aboard the enemy vessel, Master Zac was able to find his enemy, Aeon Talon who he engaged in a lightsaber duel. Exhausted from the fighting and the search that brought him to this place, Master Zac was defeated and taken as a prisoner.

Soon after falling on the flagship, Master Mistwalker was taken to Korriban where was imprisoned and the ritual of trying to turn him to the darkside began. for several weeks he was able to resist the temptations and when chaos broke out between the Robe of the Hand leading to Talon being disposed, Jedi from several conclaves took the opportunity to free Zac.

Master Mistwalker was taken quickly to Yavin IV where KOJ healers administered to him and after several weeks of recovery Master Mistwalker returned to Tython to resume his duties. On a final note he had this to say on the matter, “Once again i owe my life and Tython owes its freedom to the Jedi Order and our Republic Allies. Although the Republic has crumbled into political turmoil the Jedi and republic allies stood side by side to defend the former republic world. this sends a clear message to all imperial and Sith worlds that even if the politicians cannot agree who is and who is not in the Republic, the Jedi Order and its allies will stand firm against Imperial dictatorship, and  the oppression of the Sith will never return.”

Tython Correspondent