Timeline and Continuity

One of the intention of this journal is to keep track of a continuous storyline while the events are usually played by different groups without coordination. Those group can also follow different standards. To limit the confusion, we might not cover some of the events when they contradict with certain storylines, therefore apply the following guidelines.

The timeline used for these articles is vaguely defined as “long time after the Legacy Era”. For most Star Wars regions in Second Life, the timeline is about 220 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin). Stories on regions having a different timeline can be told, as long as they don’t conflict with the mainstream. The reason is the arbitrary of the region defined timelines to the extent that many players (but not all) don’t care and technically swap centuries back and forth. Individual reporters are indeed free to remain conservative on this matter about the stories they’re telling.

Over time lives, regions, and groups are created and later vanish. This blog assumes, when an entity related with the Star Wars Canon disappears, it’s left at the status quo ante for the next ones wanting to play with that entity are free to do it. We do not endorse a planet blowing (unless it was formerly blown), genocides or whatever occurring after a group stops to role-play with.

Because of the timeline, we assume every character defined in the Star Wars Canon are dead or retired. People wanting to play them will have their character seen as fake in the articles if they are covered.

A relationship with powerful Star Wars heroes may be claimed by characters, but this will be reported as a claim and can never be proved in this blog. It will not be disputed, however, a system leader from a dynasty can descend from the legitimate family branch ruling continuously this system, or an army of clones are the brothers of a well known character whose genes had served already for this usage.

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