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The Galactic Cup’s Burning Hot Race on Byss

May 6, 2012 Comments off

As the Galactic Swoop Cup continues, the latest race occurred on Byss with the next one taking place on Trandosha. Races occur twice on Saturdays. See you there!

Swoop Track on Byss

Byss: Competitors from across the Galaxy came to participate in the latest leg of the Galactic Swoop Race. Built by Darth Mortis, this was by far the most dangerous track so far, with portions of the track, coming dangerously close to the lava plains with other portions rising far above the ground with no guards on either side. Several racers crashed and were injured but fortunately no deaths. As usual the race was split into two events during the day to accommodate the most racers.

Racers line up at the first race

The first race attracted the mos competitors and audience. The large gathering which included several Hutt such as Shaka came to favorites such as Captain Scarlet who is racing for the Nasarii Hutt Clan. Also competing was GNN’s very own Rakiko Lowtide, Byss native Darth Infestus, and Amelia Pleide. Daana Kira of GNN hosted the event, announcing the race to the holovideo audience. After the five lap race, Captain Scarlett continued her dominance and coming in first, with Infestus second, Rakiko third, and Amelia fourth. After the race, Scarlett declared it was “by far one of the more dangerous tracks (she has) seen” and meditated on a nearby gunship being swallowed by the lava but still sticking out.

The Hutt congratulate Captain Scarlet

Wanting to see more action Shaka the Hutt sponsored a private race afterwards, with a prize. Captain Scarlett, Rakiko Lowtide and Madame Edison took part of this non-sanctioned race with the Captain again coming first to claim the main prize, though Shaka was generous enough to furnish prizes for the other competitors as well.

Troopers lining up for the second race

The second race, hosted by Kaelinn X, was dominated by different military troopers, with Mag winning this part. Corporal Pepper of the GAR also made a grand effort to try finish on foot after his swoop was destroyed by the lave.

After all the races took place, the winners received points that were then added to their standing in the Galactic Swoop Race. Currently Nora Saria and Captain Scarlett lead the Cup with Mag in third and Rakiko in fourth.

Next week’s race will take place on Trandosha. GNN hopes to see all the competitor’s as well as new ones with large audiences there.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

A training video was taken by Daana Kira and can be viewed here:


Black Dawn and Swoop in Byss

April 30, 2012 1 comment

Reporters of the Galactic News requested to attend to the Meeting in Byss to address some apprehension from the racers.

The Black Dawn at the meeting

Despite the Meeting of the Sith in Byss was originally meant to the meeting of Dark Lords of the Sith, other points were tackled, transforming it in a Sith Empire Meeting.

The Obsidian Dominion in Ziost presented their new alliance with the Black Dawn in Trandosha. The nature of this alliance was not revealed. The Emperor left them to continue although the Black Dawn had some past issue with the Empire. Even if such an treaty may improve their relationship, both the Empire Darth Destius and Mortem Siver of the Black Dawn Syndicate agreed it was too early for an plain alliance directly with the Empire.

Byss Swoop track

On another topic, the next races for the Galactic Swoop Cup occurring in Byss and some racers having expressed apprehension from their past experience with the Sith Empire, a reporter asked if the Empire would like to say some words at their attention. Darth Mortis first said he appreciated his sport and stated the racers and the visitors shall be treated with neutrality as long as they keep in line. He also announced his plans to organise a new type of competition, the Galactic Swoop Rallying. The Emperor confirmed there should be no issue for the contestant and the spectator “who attend are genuinely for the race and no other reason.”

Lastly, on the topic of the explosion of Darth Novo Ship and the Imperial Sith Military attacks, the Emperor said the perpetrator has been apprehended, but no details, including his identity, can be revealed yet during the judicial process.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

Sith Empire Update

April 9, 2012 Comments off

Reporters of the Galactic News were invited to Byss during a meeting for the Sith Empire.

Empire Meeting

Byss: In the Sith Empire Meeting, the Emperor Destius informed the court of the last evolution in the Empire.

The Imperial Sith Military is being reorganised. The Emperor commended the General J’ael for this speedy work and the Colonel Stripe, recently promoted from Major. The imperial agents interrogated a suspect in the late sabotages against the ISM which caused the life of many division. He is also accused for the explosion causing the disappearance of the former Emperor Darth Novo. The name of the suspect would be communicated in a later stage. For now, he is being “processed” by the Emperor himself and his agents.

Emperor Destius and Darth Mortis

The Emperor recalled one of his role, as leader, is to contain the inevitable threads to the stability of a strong regime like the Empire to prevent they affect the day-to-day life, whichever this threats come from “Terrorist, Jedi and the like.” Asked on Darth Vyrassu, which the agent revealed earlier he plotted against Byss, the Emperor considered him like a “minor intrigant” which the capability to plot against the Empire are limited. Darth Mortis which led the agents denied he could be a threat and considered his plans were bragging.

At the end, a Sith from a new order proposed an alliance with the Empire, to strike the Jedi and raise the power of the Sith. Although the Emperor and his court mentioned they heard similar pleads more than once, they closed the meeting, restricting it to the council and the newcomer.

Aside of the Meeting, a swoop track is being installed in front of the citadel above the lava fields. Byss has graciously accepted to host one of the trial of the Galactic Swoop Cup.

— Daana Kira

Union and Disunion in Korriban

April 2, 2012 18 comments

Galactic News was invited a wedding ceremony in Korriban.

Korriban: It was expected a great wedding. On the square of the Korriban Sith Temple, many people were gathered for the wedding of Darth Vyrasssu and Lady Malice, his apprentice. Both arrived in gorgeous dark outfit, and the wedding party was listening the speech of the ceremony officer Leathe Rosh.

Darth Vyrassu drawing his saber

When she was about to conclude, arrived several Sith of the Dark Lords of the Sith. Their presence was a surprise since the divergence between them and Darth Vyrassu is well known. Darth Mortis took the speech to announce Lady Malice was actually his apprentice. The bride then steps out and joined the Dark Lords, followed by her maids. The crowd was of course confused. Darth Mortis continued claiming Darth Vyrassu’s plots, notably against the Sith Empire were known.

After a long moment of silence, Darth Vyrassu turned to his former fiancée out of rage because of her betrayal. He drew his weapons, but her maids interposed and one of her defeated the Sith. Leaving him for death, the Darth Lords of the Sith left the square. Darth Vyrassu was later rescued by allies of his.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

Nightsisters’ Excavation Into the Tombs on Korriban Nearing an End

March 31, 2012 Comments off

GNN corespondent working near the Korriban system was able to report on the latest visit by Darth Mortis of the Sith Empire to see the progress on the opening of the tombs. Lady Kia had welcomed the high-ranking Sith while also hosting the CMC’s guide to the excavations on Korriban.

Lady Kia giving her report on the excavation of the tombs. (courtesy of Lady Kia).

Korriban: Sending a new representative, Sin-Magir, to oversee the excavation, the Corellian Mining Corporation (CMC) did not seem pleased by the extent of the excavation. As reported earlier the CMC was overseeing much of the excavation on the Korriban, allowing other groups limited access to certain tombs. They were working in conjunction with the Revenant Armada to secure the assets on this Sith Stronghold. The activities of Nightsister, Lady Kia, had drawn their attention especially when she invited the Sith Empire to tour the discoveries there. Not able to do much of what already transpired, they attended the latest meeting between Darth Mortis of the Sith Empire and Lady Kia.

Lady Kia, Darth Mortis, and Sin-Magir preparing to leave Korriban. (courtesy of the Sith Empire).

On this particular visit, Lady Kia was showing Mortis the finished excavation of the tomb of Graush witch disappointingly was found empty. From Lady Kira’s report, the tomb either was a decoy or had been abandoned in its construction. The lack of doors, items, the unfinished appearance of the tomb, and no sarcophagus led to this conclusion. The only thing recovered were pieces of the Hssiss were recovered, though Mortis seemed to be suspicious that the Nightsister was hiding some other artifacts. Lady Kia pointed out that the Revenant wouldn’t allow any artifacts to be taken without their knowledge, a perception, Sin-Magir agreed with also pointing out that Lady Kia would not have survived the encounter if she had tried to take artifacts such as armour from the tomb.

On a final note, Lady Kia stated that the Nightsisters were preparing to leave Korriban for now. Darth Mortis wished that they continue with the excavations but understood their wanting to return to their home world of Dathomir, only stating that he hoped they would work together again in the future. As for other discoveries, GNN will try to find out if the CMC will continue with these excavations, contract them out to others, of the finding of ancient Sith Lords will be abandoned for now.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Unnamed local correspondent

Darth Mortis Visits the Nightsister on Korriban

March 25, 2012 2 comments

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to Korriban where they witnessed a formal visit by the Dark Lords of the Sith (DLotS).

Korriban: Darth Mortis arrived with a contingency of several followers of the Dark Lords of the Sith (DLotS), including Darth Scrone and Darth Periculosa to visit Nightsister Clan Mother Lady Kia. Mainly they came to view the work being done by Lady Kia in the excavation of tombs on the. Lady Kia obliged the visitors and took them to the first tomb being excavated and showed them the recent cave-in caused by a Hssiss in the Valley of Golg.

Dark Lords of the Sith meeting with the Nightsisters on Korriban

Darth Mortis by his own words was very interested by the excavations from an intellectual point of view stating that the history of the Sith was a high interest to the Sith Empire. Lady Kia, proud of her work, continued with the tour of the catacombs and explained the slow work being done to move into the collapsed tomb to make sure other traps or set backs were not set off. Darth Mortis for his part extended his and Validus’ help in the matter, offering to send supplies, workers, and security to help expedite the excavations. Lady Kia was a bit hesitant to accept more help but stated she would think about what they needed, but for now the DLotS were free to come and go as they pleased to the area.

Reassuring her that their interest was purely academic, Darth Mortis, explained that they had troops ready to help secure the system. Lady Kia expressed her interest but told that the Reverent Armada under the leadership of Abyssus was doing a fine job at protecting the planet. Darth Mortis agreed that the Revenant was very grateful and requested to Lady Kia that a meeting be set up between him and Abyssus. Darth Mortis extended his good faith once again and stated that great things could be accomplished here on Korriban before leaving with his visiting party.

Curiously Dark Lord Vyrassu along with Lady Mavros came to view the meeting as well irritated at the presence of the of the DLotS on Korriban. He expressed his feelings with Lady Kia who dismissed his concerns stating that they had been guests of hers and she could do as she wished. There was also mentioned of Leviathan Consortium (LC), who is working with Lady Kia at the moment though the exact nature of their business is unknown. Vyrassu and Mavros expressed that the LC would probably be unhappy with the Nightsisters being friendly with the DLotS, a concern that Lady Kia dismissed as well saying their business wouldn’t be hampered by who she conversed with.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

Byss mobilizes against Onderon

March 12, 2012 9 comments

Reporters of the Galactic News went at the Sith Empire meeting, in Byss.

The throne room

The Sith Empire met in Byss under the leadership of Darth Mortis, who sat on the throne for this event. The Emperor Darth Destius was away in Dromund Kaas. Many dignitaries of the Empire were however attending in the throne room. The allies of the Trayus academy first announced the recent promotions in their ranks, notably in the family of Darth Umbra and with a former Mandalorian having joined the Sith.

Then Lady Luna, a member of the Obsidian Dominion, spoke of Darth Sylum’s absence, and announced their homeworld of Ziost defeated the Sith Oblivion and reported his claim to be the true emperor.

Darth Mortis and the Emperor's hands

The audience were amused or irritated at this announcement. Darth Mortis himself expressed his anger over the matter that a “false emperor” dared to attack an ally. After having collected advice and information he declared war to the “the Dark Sith Lords”, the Sith Order of Lord Oblivion. For now, the given orders are to kill any of his minion found on the Empire’s soil. However the Sith and the Military are mobilised and who knows to where it may go or extend the war to.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide