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Kessel Gate renovates

November 28, 2013 Comments off

A reporter of Galactic News visited the Kessel Gate under renovation.

Po Vewe in the Starlight

Kessel Gate: The asteroid in the Kessel sector known as the Gate was seized by the planetary government due to tax issue with the Gate’s original investor Kaelinn X. A trial is still planned, but the authorities already started to invest in the asteroid’s renovation. According to Sergeant Major Po Vexe, the government understood this asteroid was an important stop and military position for the planet.

The Lower Hangar

A new lower hanger with a repair facility and an adjacent duty-free shop and an alchemist shop have been set to attract the travellers. The rebuilt is financed by Kessel. Expectantly, they will be refunded by the income of this facilities and the asteroid’s own industry. It indeed has a droid factory and yet closed mines. The mines are currently infested by large bugs despite the efforts voluntary spacers had made to chase them away.

The Rocket Down level

In the upper area of the asteroid still stands the Rocket Down cantina. It’s now surrounded by decorations and small garden. Also a new club, the StarLight, was set up to relax in security. All travellers and businessmen are welcome if they respect the Kessel laws.

– Daana Kira


Search of the Droid Core

July 25, 2013 1 comment

A reporter of the Galactic News Network discussed with Kaelinn X in Kessel Gate.

Kaelinn X

Markus Soto, a famous droid expert, is looking for the Droid Core. The Droid Core is a belief all the droids regardless their makers are connected together by some mystical ability. Markus recently found an army of ancient droids to be repaired and established his workshop in Kessel Gate. Looking for more evidence, maybe an artifact, Markus requested the help of Issula the Hutt in her last audience. As a reaction, Kaelinn X, a tenant of the Kessel Gate, will sponsor the “Search of the Droid Core” event with a credit reward.

So far, the known hints are few. They can be examined in Soto’s workshop located in the old mines in Kessel Gate. The treasure hunters wanting to claim the reward will have to follow the tracks that can leads them anywhere in the Galaxy, then bring their discovery, if any to Kaelinn X.

– Daana Kira

Droid Master sets up base on Kessel Gate

July 7, 2013 Comments off

Kessel Gate correspondent interviewed Markus Soto while he was busy with his new acquisition.

Markus Soto

Markus Soto, the famous Droid Master from Mos Espa has returned after a long voyage into space and brought back a cargo of Clone War era Battle Droids with him. He said he had found them on a derelict freighter close to the Maw Black Hole Cluster in the Kessel System. Claiming scavenger rights, and since they were found in no man’s land, he collected them and has been slowly extracting them from the freighter. Then he took them to Kessel Gate for refitting.

Droid Shop

He commented most of the droids were in a state of disrepair and needed cleaned and refitted with new parts. Once he’ll have the droid platoon refitted and prepared he plans on selling them as security to anyone interested.

Markus also stated that even though he is busy refitting the battle droids, he likes to take an occasional break and encourages anyone who needs custom droid work to stop by and check out his prices. His shop is located in the mines at Kessel Gate. Anybody interested by this droid can call him for an appointment.

New Host at the Odominic Audience in Kessel

July 5, 2013 Comments off

A Local Correspondent filed this report with GNN:

Meeka stands in for Hutt during Kessel audience.

Odominic Night was a short session as the Mighty Issulla the Hutt was not able to attend. Instead Meeka D’lux, newly hired employee of the Hutt, hosted the nights guests explaining the mighty hutt’s absence being a special holiday for the Odominic clan and Issulla  herself was with her fellow clan members celebrating. Meeka D’lux turned away non urgent business, telling them to return tomorrow when the Hutts would be available to hear them, however one guest, Lod Atrox stepped forward to let the Hutt clan know of a Fleet of Star Destroyers that has been dispatched to an undisclosed location, and will be needing fuel, supplies, and passage as their route will bring them through Kessel gate. Meeka reminded the speaker that the Odominic clan were only guests at the gate and such business would be better heard by Kessel gate staff, or owner, Kaelinn X. However Meeka did offer support on behalf of the Hutts as long as the fleet was not trying to pass through one of the blockades the Odominic clan has in place, Inviting Lod Atrox to speak more of the fleet with Issulla her self when she returns tomorrow.

-Kessel Correspondent

X Play Improves and Expands Kessel Gate

May 17, 2013 Comments off

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide visited Kessel Gate, the current headquarters of X Play.

Kessel Gate: X Play has made large strides in improving and expanding their properties in Kessel. Having moved from Nar Shaddaa their large club and entertainment venue, now built-in an old Asteroid mine, has already hosted several large parties and is becoming a stopping point for spacers around the galaxy.

Opening area to the mines below Kessel Gate.

Taking time from the busy schedules, X Play representatives Minx Blade and security officer Sai-Lan were gracious enough to give a tour of the recent developments on the Asteroid. Historically, the large asteroid has been owned by several mining guilds who for the most part operated illegal mines in the sector using forced labour. The extent of the operations have been lost to time though as the mines were abandoned and the Kesesl government took over ownership until it was sold to X-Play. What is known is that an extensive operation did take place, with the large number of old slave barracks and equipment to control them along with the large power generators needed for some rather extensive equipment.  So far X Play has been able to excavate some of the old administrative rooms, barracks along with control and power rooms. The main mine is still sealed off though and scans have been inconclusive as to how deep they go or what was primarily being mined.

For now X Play is going to use the area for storage as well as survey and catalogue the remaining artefacts. After all the research has been concluded then they will make a determination of what to do with the mines, either re-open them or use them for another purpose.

As for the club itself, its been doing quite well and X Play is back on their way to hosting and providing grade A entertainment for the Galaxy.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

X Play Opens Kessel Gate

May 5, 2013 Comments off

Reporters of the Galactic News Network visited the newly build X Play offices in an asteroid.

Kessel Gate

Kessel Asteroid Field:Installed in an asteroid, the new X Play Office contains the facilities the entertainment organisation is used to. Now called Kessel Gate, this was formerly Asteroid 227, a silver mine near located on the far side of the Pit Asteroid belt. With the support of the Kessel gouvernement, X Play redesigned the place. The area is famous for spacers trying to beat speed records.

Within the asteroid, a large docking area is on the middle, with a few services on the edge. When arriving the visitor can watch the efforts made for the security. Securing the building is an important point for the company, and they’re even helped by the Kessel authorities.

The Rocket Down

The entertainment facilities are accessible though an old mining lift. First, a wide cantina, called the Rocket Down, paying homage to a cantina in Bakura. A little above was installed a showroom, called the Starlight. Many of the future events of the company will take place here. X Play activities are currently paused, but they will resume their schedule in the future. They want to run a new Miss Galaxy season and Galactic Swoop Races, for instance.

The company was formerly based in Nar Shaddaa, but met hostility from some tier and preferred to withdraw to something more secure and assuredly neutral. Hopefully in a place they control, they’ll be able to focus to entertainment and avoid troubles.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide