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Lady Zav/Zyrah Kidnapped

December 18, 2013 6 comments

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide met up with UrZuric on his quest to rescue Lady Zav.

Landing site on Oricon

Our previous encounters with UrZuric was when he was head of the ODSL (Order of Dark Sith Lords) who had taken control of territory on several worlds around the galaxy. At that time he was known as Darth Oblivion. However as we spoke with UrZuric on Oricon, now it was clear he was more like himself when we spoke with him while he was head of the OJO on Onderon.

UrZuric gave an explanation. The leader of the ODSL had been a clone of him, which he recently killed on Coruscant to bring his imperial expansions to an end. With the death of their leader the ODSL seems to have come to an end as well. This incident, he said, was the result of of his interactions with Master Moonsoo of the KOJ several moons ago that left his mind split. Lady Zav tried to “cure” Zuric by cloning him but because of the impending destruction of the OJO the process wasn’t perfected leaving the clone who would become the head of the ODSL and the real UrZuric who was taken to Voss.

Zuric with allies as the prepare to search for Zav.

Lady Zav herself was defeated by the clone and reborn as Lady Zyrah who co-ruled the ODSL. At the destruction of the ODSL Zyrah fled with the what was left of the dark council to reform the New Order of the Sith, but was recently kidnapped by an entity best described as a Dread Master. Though the entities reasons aren’t known at this time.

UzZuric finally finding peace in his mind on Voss, though leaving him separated from force is now on a quest to free his once love. Helping him is the remainder of the New Order of the Sith and his son Xahertsa. He also hopes to gain support from the Jedi, though has un-easy truce with them since he feels they dropped the ball to help Zav or the OJO previously. How this will end is anyone’s guess and what the plans of this new entity are only time will tell.”

— Rakiko lowtide, Daana Kira


Fight for Artififacts in Yavin 4

December 6, 2013 9 comments

Reporters of the Galactic News

Standoff begins at the meditation area.

A Sith group spread over Jedi academy of Yavin 4. Originally some Jedi and allies were present, but beside a light opposition they withdrew to other facilities. Speaking for the group, Darth Hellius asserted the Serpentine Order had “successfully crushed the Jedi Order on Yavin.” They wanted to recover artifacts that would be their but were held by the Jedi. The only way they saw to get them back was to challenge the Jedi.

Jedi arrive to face off against the Sith

A elder Jedi tried to block them because his Jedi vows and having been pained in the past by those Sith. His attempt however failed and he was captured after a fight. Other sith were seen in the library where the artifacts are usually stored. Combats amplified when people came in to rescue the captive near the meditation area, damaging it severely. Under the shock of the attack, one of the Sith was wounded, albeit they were able to leave in order, probably with some of their catches.

– Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

Attack over Yavin 4

November 26, 2013 Comments off

A reporter visited Yavin 4 after an attack.

A troop of then unidentified fighters had landed on the Yavin 4 Jedi academy and ran a surprised attack against the local Jedi (KOJ). Later, the Jedi believed they are affiliated to Imperial Remnant.

Jedi Ro’jin Kira talking of the events

They refused to negotiate and caused heavy damage to the defenders during the combat. The Jedi were overhelmed and had to cede ground. At the end of the day, the attackers occupied the Jedi Temple. Their objectives are still undisclosed. Several defenders were wounded, including the Grand Master of the Order, Iria Tuqiri.

Until now, the negotiation between both sides failed. Expectingly, the Jedi will regroup their forces, yet spread in the Galaxy. Once done, they may be able to counter attack. More is to come soon.

– Daana Kira

Starwind Hosts Ball on Tatooine

August 12, 2013 Comments off

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended a ball held by the Starwind organization on Tatooine.

Several showed up in their best attire to the Starwind ball.

Mos Eisley, Tatooine: The organization known as Starwind, which was formed to help Amarans and other aliens in need of a home, recently held a ball to commemorate their goals and friendship with other organizations as well as those that have helped over the years. Originally planned to boost the morale of Starwind members, Gryff also invited several groups to raise awareness for the challenges met by the group and Amarans in general. Invited were the Grey Order, KOJ, DJE, and the Imperial Garrison which has base in Mos Eisley. Gryff stated that these groups all shared some of the ideas that Starwind expresses and wished to celebrate their friendship.

Starwind started out helping Amarans displaced on Tatooine but has grown and now fights the ever-present discrimination that Gryff stated afflicated his people specifically and discrimination of all species in general. Over his lifetime he’s seen countless atrocities committed against several races and knows full well the brunt his people have faced. He hopes that Starwind is providing an opportunity to help those displaced, attacked, or oppressed just because they are Amaran.

Kepora the youngling.

From the general atmosphere and the talk of several of the guests it seems Starwind is living up to their goal. For example, a young Amaran by the name Kepora related his story. The young-ling had been with his parents when they stopped in Mos Esley. They left the young boy on the ship but failed to ever return. their whereabouts or status have been lost to the sands of the desert planet. Without support the young-ling resorted to petty crime to survive, but was finally taken in by Starwind where he was given a home. Now the young-ling is prospering and hope to help others like he was and is forever grateful to Starwind. His story was one of several who have been a given a second lease on life by this organization.


Starwind itself has grown by leaps and bounds since its establishment and may soon branch out to other systems to help Amarans throughout the galaxy. They’ve also become experienced at fighting those that have attacked them and Amarans in general and are utilizing that experience to help the Imperial Garrison bring law and order to Tatooine. In addition they’ve found that several of their beliefs coincide with those of the Jedi and have formed favorable relationships with several orders.

The ball exemplified the camaraderie felt in the organization, their prosperity and their openness to salute  and congratulate their allies. For one night at least the worries of the galaxy were placed at the doorstep and people enjoyed the drink, food, dance, entertainment and most importantly each other.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

Lord Atrox’s Ultimatum to the Jedi

July 10, 2013 4 comments

A reporter of Galactic News discussed with Lord Atrox in Byss.

Lord Atrox (left)

Lord Atrox continues his efforts gathering a Sith coalition against the Jedi. They’re calling their allies, whose names weren’t revealed, to the capital of the Sith Empire but they’re aware of the division in the Sith movement. This division weaken it, but he’s however announcing upcoming wars.

The first target seems to be the Jedi academy of Yavin 4. Lord Atrox reclaim a Massassi artifact to the Jedi and is ready to use military means to get it back. So far the Jedi haven’t answered. Assuming they’ve rejected the ultimatum, then the Sith are ready their technology for the next stage. The nature of the seek of that artefact is private but the Sith Emperor personally ordered this artifact to his hands. Lord Atrox claim the Jedi, their homes and their world will be exterminated if they continue to resist.

— Daana Kira

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Lord Atrox Calls All Sith to Arms

June 20, 2013 3 comments

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide met with Lord Atrox on the imperial Capital of Byss.

As the Sith Empire continues to experience a period of stability and peace, some Sith are beginning plans against their enemies in the galaxy.

Meeting with Lord Atrox on Byss.

Specifically, Lord Atrox, a well-known Lord has taken it upon himself to begin a campaign against every and all Jedi. Not seeking to personally lead or gain power he believes that Sith from across the galaxy will work together against this common foe. Already as strike against the Kalway Order of the Jedi (KOJ) occurred with Sith from several different orders united together. Lord Atrox pointed out this was the first time in several years that such a cooperation took place.

This simplicity of converging on a common enemy is core to Lord Atrox’s plan. Formal talks and treaties take far too long and rarely work. Instead he believes the Sith can work together by just converging on their enemy, the Jedi specifically. No need for talks or compromises, Just the working together to eradicate the Jedi from the galaxy and put an end to the stalemate between the two force using groups. Therefore he calls on all Sith to converge upon on Yavin IV and begin their cleansing of the KOJ before moving on to other factions.

Lord Atrox speaking about his crusade against the Jedi.

Though the first battle wasn’t a military success it was a success in increasing moral and showing what could be done. He thanks his co-leader, an Inquisitor he met upon Yavin. Not knowing the man personally, the dual made a formidable pair nonetheless, which is the core to Atrox’s idea, that Sith can work together without the need of friendship or personal connections; their goals will drive them.

Already he’s gained more support for a second assault and as more Sith join in the cause, Atrox believes Yavin IV will fall. As for the Empire itself, it has made no move to join in the crusades and these assaults are an independent endeavor. An endeavor Atrox hopes will expand and cause all Sith across the galaxy to join in, in their triumph over the Jedi.

He’s released a personal comm for those wishing to contact him [[josh.alphaville]], though other Sith commanders are ready to welcome comrades as well. As for exact plans, they haven’t been released yet, but Atrox stated that the Jedi should fear a conflict at any moment, with each being more devastating than the last as the Sith ranks grow.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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Nar Shaddaa Sith kidnap a Jedi in Yavin 4

May 29, 2013 Comments off

Reporters of the Galactic News Network meet a Jedi in Yavin 4.

Starwind in alert

Yavin 4: A Jedi was kidnapped in Yavin 4 and taken to Nar Shaddaa until she eventually escaped. Maia Celaeno, from the Kalway Order of the Jedi was captured by two Sith from the New Sith Order (NSO) in Yavin 4’s spaceport. They brought their captive to a detention area and tortured her using a Sith artefact, notably transplanting a hot shard in her back that never cooled. She reported the Sith Lady Keres wanted to give the Jedi a message. After a few days, she was offered to a Hutt of Nar Shaddaa and forced to serve. Fortunately, someone helped her to escape. She was hospitalised in the Jedi Enclave of Dantooine and had the torture chip removed.

This event might be related to the struggle between the Jedi of the Galactic Liberation Alliance (GLA) and the Dark Side adepts in Nar Shaddaa. Even if they share some relation, Yavin 4’s Jedi has apparently no direct link with the GLA. Some Jedi, such as Maia, promote a way similar to the GLA, though. Such an issue might pull the Academy of Yavin 4 in the conflict. A reaction to this case should currently be discussed by their Council, although its policy is often opaque.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide