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Lady Zav/Zyrah Kidnapped

December 18, 2013 6 comments

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide met up with UrZuric on his quest to rescue Lady Zav.

Landing site on Oricon

Our previous encounters with UrZuric was when he was head of the ODSL (Order of Dark Sith Lords) who had taken control of territory on several worlds around the galaxy. At that time he was known as Darth Oblivion. However as we spoke with UrZuric on Oricon, now it was clear he was more like himself when we spoke with him while he was head of the OJO on Onderon.

UrZuric gave an explanation. The leader of the ODSL had been a clone of him, which he recently killed on Coruscant to bring his imperial expansions to an end. With the death of their leader the ODSL seems to have come to an end as well. This incident, he said, was the result of of his interactions with Master Moonsoo of the KOJ several moons ago that left his mind split. Lady Zav tried to “cure” Zuric by cloning him but because of the impending destruction of the OJO the process wasn’t perfected leaving the clone who would become the head of the ODSL and the real UrZuric who was taken to Voss.

Zuric with allies as the prepare to search for Zav.

Lady Zav herself was defeated by the clone and reborn as Lady Zyrah who co-ruled the ODSL. At the destruction of the ODSL Zyrah fled with the what was left of the dark council to reform the New Order of the Sith, but was recently kidnapped by an entity best described as a Dread Master. Though the entities reasons aren’t known at this time.

UzZuric finally finding peace in his mind on Voss, though leaving him separated from force is now on a quest to free his once love. Helping him is the remainder of the New Order of the Sith and his son Xahertsa. He also hopes to gain support from the Jedi, though has un-easy truce with them since he feels they dropped the ball to help Zav or the OJO previously. How this will end is anyone’s guess and what the plans of this new entity are only time will tell.”

— Rakiko lowtide, Daana Kira


Onderon Rises from the Ashes

August 10, 2012 3 comments

Newest GNN reporter Xera D’Ukal arrives on Onderon to report on the progress of the rebuilding.

The City of Iziz rebuilt

After much ruin and destruction at the hands of Zavarah and Zuric, Onderon and the city of Iziz has finally been reborn. The Queen Valara Drayen-Kira has been overseeing the project for many months after she and her forces took over the city left by the Sith. Queen Valara managed to rescue large amounts of flora and fauna from the surounding area before it was destroyed, and as Onderon had done to many other worlds over the last several thousand years, reseeded the planet making it more lush than ever. She stated that the tyranny of Zav and Zuric’s rule was over, and that they would never again be welcome on Onderon for the crimes against the her and her people. The Queen also formally announced that the Hapan Ayeka Kel had been elected Onderon Senator to represent them in the Galactic Republic, of which they recently were awarded acceptance. Valara was elated that Onderon was once again welcome in the Republic, and says she looks forward to contributing as much as she can to their efforts and hopes to restore the planet’s economy in return.

Queen Valara with her handmaiden and Duke of Onderon

When asked about the mild conspiracy about the slaves she had purchased from Shaka the Hutt, the Queen informed GNN that she and her Senator had purchased those slaves in order to free them once they were turned over to her care.  Reports confirm said slaves have indeed been released and are free to return to their lives and families, and were offered positions on Onderon if they needed work or a place to live.  The Queen had held an Embassy briefly on Ord Mantell where prior GNN offices had been located.  When Valara heard these facilities were no longer present on Ord Mantell she had a new building commissioned, and informed GNN of her offer to provide them a new studio and offices in the middle of the city of Iziz.

When asked what the Queen intended her relationship to be with other civilizations, as the prior rulers seemed skittish to such, she responded saying she cannot wait to open trade routes and would welcome visitors with open arms to Onderon who are friendly to the Republic.

— Xera D’Ukal

Order of Dark SIth Lords moves to Malrev IV

August 9, 2012 6 comments

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to Malrev IV where they met with Dark Lady Zava’Rah and Dark Lord Oblivion, though he spoke through a hologram and wasn’t physically present.

The massive citadel and surround area built near the temple of Palaptine

Formally based on Onderon, the Order of Dark Sith Lords (ODSL), headed by Lord Oblivion has moved to the historic Sith planet of Marlev IV. After having been awakened from a sort of coma, Lord Oblivion who was once part of the Onderon Jedi Order, turned on them and most were wiped out. He then destroyed the Jedi temple and surrounding area and left looking for a new home. Accompanied by Lady Zava’Rah, they finally landed on Malrev IV and rebuilt a temple that had been used by Emperor Palpatine, centuries ago. Oblivion stated that was a perfect site, because he was planning to continue the legacy left by this infamous galactic emperor. Zav’Rah had also been with the OJO and was known as Grand Master Zav, though from witness testimonials and theirs, it seems that Zav after failing to protect her order was awakened as Zav’Rah. Similar to Oblivion’s story as well, though it seems that he had been transformed into Zuric and just became his formal self as Oblivion. Jedi or Sith  scholars may know more or wish to investigate further.

Most of Malrev is uninhabited and rural, ruins of the old temple are dotting the landscape

Despite their origins, a new Citadel has been built over the sight of Palpatine’s temple. Most of the other construction has been to house the the ODSL, as the planet has no real city centers, only families of Irrukiine scattered around the neighboring areas. Construction was completed on a few other building to service any visitors or those on business such as a landing area, cantina and a theater, though the later is also used for Sith instruction. The Temple itself is the main point and also largest structure by far. It is open to everyone, though the Sith temple inside is closed off to the public. Over time more buildings, expansions, and upgrades will be conducted as the need arises.

For now, the pair weren’t too open about their plans, but as they gain power here on what they termed as a dark side Nexus. They will be teaching others in the Sith arts. They also  plan to take revenge up on those who had caused them trouble in the past such as Jedi Master Moonsoo, who Oblivion stated had erased him memories at one time forcing him to live a life as a Jedi. As more news comes from the ODSL activities, GNN will put out updates.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

Lord Oblivion clears his position

March 15, 2012 17 comments

After the declaration of war of the Sith Empire, reporters of the Galactic News returned to Onderon to meet Lord Oblivion.

The Dark Lord Oblivion, on Onderon, denied he ever went in Ziost and would have attacked the Obsidian Dominion Sith Order. He also denied he’s now claiming the Sith Emperor title, contenting himself as the Dark Lord of his order, the Order of the Dark Sith Lords.

Lord Oblivion (right)

He recalled his rise as the “Last of the true Emperor of the Sith”, long time ago before his memory was taken by the action of Master Moonsoo. He said a Sith assembly in Coruscant gave him the title, and he had rank over Malphas. No other Sith Order objected at that time. He named another Sith as heir, Damasscas Dagger, but this one died before he was able to take the charge.Now he gave up the title for himself and is claiming nobody else has it, adding “the true Sith Emperor will reveal himself or herself in time.” He however acknowledge the existence of regional empires.

He deplored the declaration of war to his order by Darth Mortis in the name of the Sith Empire in Byss, since for him, the Sith shall back each other. He has no intent to carry the war to their world and claimed the Dark Lord of the Sith, in Byss, meant little to him. If ever they ventured to attack his holding of Onderon, his troops will defend the planet and he’s certain of their success. He said the actions of the Dark Lords of the Sith sounds to be misguided and suggest they should “gain knowledge before they speak of anything they do not understand” and added he has not yet seen any of their agents.

Lord Oblivion said most of the former Onderon Jedi Order and the Onderon Elite defence joined now the Sith. Zav Kirkorian added many came to join the Sith in Onderon. The defences should be ready, even if Onderon just recover from a recent devastation. Zav Kirkorian which led the evacuation has curiously no more memory of this event.

Lord Oblivion continue to make plans to devastate the Jedi worlds even if none of them had yet made concrete. Whatever will happens, Onderon appears to be a conflictual location to visit.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

News from the Dantooine Jedi Enclave

March 9, 2012 4 comments

Reporters of the Galactic News went to the Dantooine Jedi Enclave to collect the news.

The Jedi of the Enclave of Dantooine recently rescued Sam Draav, a man in Nal Hutta chased by a group of smugglers. This man sent a distress call to the Jedi, and when they arrived, the smugglers were receiving the help of Sith from the Disciples of Ragnos. The Jedi however managed to evacuate Sam Draav without damage on their side, beside Sam himself which received medical care in Dantooine. The reason of his argument with the smugglers is not known.

Master Laura Kamala

On other points, the Jedi believe Onderon sent a bounty hunter against the Jedi Master Laura Kamala, which was lightly wounded after their meeting. Onderon fell recently under Sith hands, but the Jedi formerly on that planet (OJO) were close of those of Dantooine. After the power change, the Enclave of Dantooine investigated to know the whereabouts of the Jedi of Onderon, but their efforts were fruitless; the citizens only told them they changed their names.Finally, about the chancellor retirement, Master Laura Kamala expressed her hope a successor will be found soon, since it’s not to a Jedi to take over his role.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

Onderon ends up to Sith

March 3, 2012 20 comments

In visit in Korriban, reporters of the Galactic News met a group near the Sith Temple.

Met in the planet Korriban, a masked man called Dark Lord Oblivion announced his take over of the planet Onderon and the end of its Jedi Order. Telling the grand master of the order, Zurick Kirkorian was put aside, he was supported passively by the other grand master, Zav Kirkorian, promoted as his Empress. Lord Oblivion proclaimed his intent to remove all of the other Jedi Order and to assure the Sith control of the Galaxy, to bring on the peace.

Dark Lord Oblivion (center)

Coming back on his past, he recalled his experience as a Jedi in the New Order of the Jedi, then found his way to the dark side and claimed to rule all Sith, until the Jedi Master Luv Moonsoo erased his memory. He then assisted her order, Kalway Order of the Jedi (KOJ), as well as the Jedi of Dantooine (DJE) to defeat the other Sith. Although he regretted the Jedi showed ingratitude for his assistance, then after, they mistreated the Onderon Jedi Order (OJO).

Now he founded the Order of The Dark Sith Lords, seeking the destruction of the Jedi and their worlds, refusing to negotiate with them. He showed secretive on their short run objectives or the means their have, although he announced his coming for the Jedi Master Iria Tuquiri, suggesting Yavin 4 could be one of his first targets.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

OJO Answers to Onderon Throne Claim

February 11, 2012 10 comments

Galactic News Network went to Onderon to collect the answer of the Jedi to Valara Drayen, claiming the throne.

Zav and Zurik Kirkorian

The Onderon Jedi Order, represented by the Grand Master Zuric Kirkorian issued a statement answering to Valara Drayen’s claims to the crown. They qualified her as “false queen”, wanting power, and said she took profit Master Zuric Kirkorian was in carbonite and abused the hospitality of Master Zav Kirkorian. The Palace, presented as a “mere building” wouldn’t have been designed for the Queen, but for the Senator of the New Republic and the Onderon Elite Troops.

From The Onderon Jedi Order
Onderon has a Senator elected to be apart of The Galactic Senate of The New Republic.

The monarchy from the bloodline of Freedom Nadd does not have dictatorship over Onderon and its people.

From the beginning of the Queens arrival it is unclear to why the Queen wanted to gain power so fast having an alterer motive. The queens tests where conducted by her own people and not by the medical labs of Onderon.

The Jedi of OJO felt in the best interest of the people the planet will be run by a Senator of The Galactic Senate of the New Republic and not be dictated by a queen who quickly wanted power over a planet she did not know.

The Queen has no right or ownership of a planet with its political views in place. As of right now their is no Queen of Onderon and if this false queen wants to claim power over the planet she will be arrested on site.