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Imperial Inquisition Prepares to Make Their Mark on the Galaxy

December 8, 2013 9 comments

Following the fights on Yavin IV, GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide spoke with the Sith order involved in the attack.

Meeting with the Inquisition in the hangar of their flagship.

In Deep Space: Aboard a large flagship, members of the organization known as the Imperial Inquisition spoke with us following their campaign on Yavin IV. Making themselves known to the galaxy now, the Imperial Inquisition is the umbrella group of several factions. including the Sith Serpentine Order, the Sith academy known as the ROTH, the Grand Maelstrom Armada, and the Imperial Corps known as the Imperial Enclave along with a special forces legion known as the Valor Legionaries. These factions  make up the Imperial Inquisition who claim to be the only true Sith left in the Galaxy.

To back up their claim the have amassed an impressive force of troops and Sith warriors who are backed by a large navy, which they intend to unleash on the galaxy in their bid for total conquest. They plan to start with traditional Sith areas along with other territories they claim belong to their ancestors but will then continue with their campaign to bring the entire galaxy under their control.

Members of the Inquisition

Beginning their campaign were the missions on Yavin IV to reclaim artifacts from the Jedi the Inquisition claim rightfully belong to the Sith. Following a conflict with the Jedi, a conflict the Inquisition claims to have won, several artifacts were first reported as taken. The Inquisition even backed these assertions stating they had the artifacts in custody and they were currently being studied. However, other reports from the fight indicate that the Jedi along with a Gray Jedi order were able to reclaim the major artifacts, so at this time its unclear exactly what was taken.

Also reports indicate that a prisoner was taken from Yavin IV, and assertion that the Inquisition backed once again and claimed to have a Jedi in their custody. He will be placed on trial for his actions against the Inquisition though his current condition is unknown as his custody was classified.

The Inquisition explaining their plan of conquest.

As the Inquisition makes their presence known, it is very likely that further campaigns will continue to be conducted at the Jedi and other forces including Sith organizations that the Inquisition concludes to be on the wrong path such as the orders currently stationed on Byss. They plan to conquer these, according to them, “fake” Sith, though if they denounce their ways they will be brought back into the fold. The upcoming weeks will tell what the effect on the Galaxy will be by this war machine as it moves from system to system.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira


War Over Tython Continues

April 9, 2013 Comments off

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide visited Yavin IV where allies of both the NJO of Tython and those of Darth Septus’ forces were regrouping.

“Mouth of Septus” on Yavin IV

“While visiting the Jedi moon of Yavin IV and to receive word from the local Jedi Order (KOJ) about their help on Tython, we also met with members of the opposing force in the Tython war. A clone of Darth Septus himself, known as the Mouth of Septus, was on Yavin IV no doubt collecting intelligence following a major battle on Tython where the Jedi and their allies were able to resist the invaders for the time being. This “Mouth of Septus” was undeterred that he was on an enemy moon stating that he only served Septus and if he was captured or killed another clone would take his place. He was also confident that the Sith forces would soon take Tython as their military continues to build in the region. Furthermore he stated that he had a message for the KOJ stating that if they pulled out of the war effort then they would be allowed to go peacefully, but if they continued in providing support to the NJO then the war may spill out to Yavin IV.

KOJ regrouping on Yavin IV.

The KOJ meanwhile though didn’t look to have any plans to pull out. Master Atlantis stated that they had already endured a heavy battle on Tython helping the NJO where Jedi forces faced off against Sith forces comprised surprisingly mostly of members of the Disciples of Ragnos (DOR). They had prepared to engage Robe of the Hand (RotH) and were a bit surprised though they have no intelligence at the moment of why the DOR is there, though it maybe left over forces from the previous Tython war and they’ve joined with the other Sith now.

Nonetheless Atlantis was pleased by the war effort so far as they were able to repel the invading forces but she warned it still looked like an end was still far off as Sith forces are continuing to build up. As for the KOJ’s role so far its been mainly support providing backup and medical services as the NJO and the Tython government led the resistance.

Members of a dark order named the Symphony were also on Yavin IV. Not really caring as to the outcome on Tython they did state it was a good sight to see bloody Jedi. Also they seemed please to the news that Jedi Security Force, consisted of clone troopers loyal to the Jedi, has heavy losses and their commander injured.

More allies on both sides will probably become more apparent as the fighting continues to build up. For now both sides though seem to be regrouping and a possible major offensive may take place again. GNN will continue covering the situation as it unfolds.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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GRAE Moves from Endor to Tython

March 12, 2013 4 comments

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko spoke with Arbitras Rexsus on Tython.

GRAE outpost on Tython.

Tython: After a devastating attack on their base on Endor’s moon in the Gupin Mountain Range, the Galapctic Rebel Alliance Enclave (GRAE) has temporarily moved their base of operations to Tython while cleanup is finished and an old base is retrofitted on the Endor moon. The aerial bombardment that destroyed much of the GRAE base, some local villages and an Ewok tribe, is currently under investigation. Arbiras Rexsus however suspects Rellik an his son to be behind it.

The exact identity of the fleet that commenced the attack is yet unknown but Arbitras Rexsus, a tribal monarch and GRAE leader, believes it an Imperial group closely related to the Robe of the Hand (ROTH) which they’ve recently had conflicts with. Also he believes it was instigated by a personal enemy of his known as Lord Rellik, who was once though dead but is now believed to work with the ROTH.

GRAE mining operations on Tython.

The mining operations on the Endor moon are also being secured and retrofitted, but most of the business has also moved to Tython for the time being where a deposit of phrik and cortosis compounds was recently found. The GRAE have built a facility to start the mining in the tunnels under Tython. They are also want to enter in a good relationship with the Jedi having their temple nearby.

On a final note the GRAE is looking for recruits to help in their struggle especially as other members such as Rexsus’ nephew have gone missing, believed to have been capture by the Amaran group Starwind on Tatooine. All able-bodied individuals are encouraged to apply to help protect Endor, Tython, and the Galaxy.

-Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira