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Mustafar rises from the ashes

August 7, 2010 1 comment

Zerika, a new reporter of the GNN was on Byss distractedly listening the Sith muttering words she didn’t understood, when her data-pad blinked to announce recent activity on a new system, Mustafar, which was thought to be deserted since Darth Vader destroyed the mining facility after the Clone Wars. She headed to her ship to travel to the planet.

Darth Arcanis

At my arrival on Mustafar, I was greeted by the leader overseeing the production, a man resembling a Sith called Darth Arcanis

Darth Arcanis and I were standing beside a huge lava pit and I almost squalled my foot. He explained he decided to settle on Mustafar because it was “a historic place for the Sith. It is, for a lack of a better word, the birthplace of Darth Vader” and he added “the Cult of Ragnos has been secretly building its ranks again, and Mustafar has been a perfect place to weed out the weak.”

Mustafar Surface

He also announced this place was made for the Cult or Ragnos, a very old Sith Order proud of its tradition and he detailed their recent history: “For some time we have been practicing Sith magic and alchemy in private, looking for ways to bring the Dark Lord back from the grave. Now we believe we are very close to accomplishing this and have decided to come out of the shadows and to recruit all those who wish to learn the dark occult arts.”He said Mustafar joined the Galactic Dominion, and have ties with the other Sith organizations. The planet is operated jointly with the Outer Rim Oreworks, a company mining the precious and semi precious ores on the planet.

Mysterious Mustafar crystal cave

At the end, Darth Arcanis confided me  Mustafar is only one of the bases of the Cult of Ragnos and he wanted to add “We will not rest until we have raised the Dark Lord… This is our focus and we will make this happen by any means necessary.”

Who knows what is in store for Mustafar, we can only wait and see. Seeing how they have joined the Galactic Dominion their might be promises. Until next time, I am Zerika with GNN.

— Zerika Pqweeaf