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Trials and Tribulation on Susvesfi IV

July 18, 2012 22 comments

GNN Photo Journalist Dometa Jo, recently visted Susvesfi 4. Hearing about the recent trial proceeding involving a former Republic Senator, being tried in court for various charges. She ran into Senator Nieuwendijk, the representative of the world in the Galactic Senate of The New Republic.

The senator was asked about her position and how the experience was being in the position she currently resides in. The woman smiled a bit as she stood tall and confident

Senator Nieuwendijk of Susevfi 4 says she has has her satisfaction at serving the will of the people she represents. Several groups populate the colony, the Jensaarai, the military or the Mandalorian clan, they work at diverse position, from the Temple or the Asheeka Labs, a major medical equipment and service enterprise.

She refuse to coment on the trial, invoking an oath, preventing the elected representatives talk on open legal matters.

Senator of Susvesfi IV

On the Senate slow down, she believe the current shirking affect the quality of the discourses, even if it doesn’t prevent the Senate to work. However multiplying the meeting would not solve the issue. It would, at the opposite, exacerbate the malaise within the body politic.

We might regret this slow down could lead to more private meeting, therefore leaving the citizens in the ignorance of the Republic’s business.

The Senator Nieuwendijk the efforts of the Senator Shan Connell and former Senator Nasaji Oba which took more of their share of work. She seek herself to underake more. She also praise the hard work of the Vice Chancellor Ta’kara Darkmoon and assure some of the senators “do not wish to take on more drudgery then wearing finery and voting in official meetings.” A heavier schedule would increase the charge on those working and lower the participation even more. The citizens should see with their Senators if they have concerns on their work.

She had however a different opinion on the Chancellor Downz, which she feels “his political career prior to elected office and while in the position of Chancellor has been highly dubious to be polite.” She report her confidence on the Vice Chancellor, which also have impressed other Senator.

— Dometa Jo, Daana Kira


Tensions Rising on Naboo

April 14, 2012 2 comments

On a trip to Naboo. Reporter Dometa Jo met up with the newly elected Senator of Naboo, in the beautiful city of Theed.

The situation here on Naboo is heating up, with tensions building between the lands of Lake Country and Theed. With the recent speech from Queen Adala professing to her people that no treaty will be signed.

Dometa Jo, at Theed

“Queen Adala has been very adamant in her beliefs. We the people of Naboo stand with our Queen. For she is the true Queen of Naboo. The people Naboo love their Queen and believe in her.” said the newly elected Senator of Naboo, Senator Kirkorian.

Senator Kirkorian. by her account, stated she was born on Onderon, her parents Zavarah and Urzuric Kirkorian, now emperor and empress of Onderon. She further explained about how she fled from Onderon, when the Sith returned and took over the once peaceful New Republic world.

Senator Kirkorian of Naboo

Coming to Naboo as an exile of Onderon, she says she devoted her time to helping out the People of Theed. Being friends with the Queen helped her continue her activist work for the citizen until one day the Queen appointed her Senator of Naboo. Believing in her that she and the Queen together can usher in a new and brighter future for all of Naboo. As of right now she and the people of Naboo are currently waiting on their application into the galactic senate of The New Republic, in hopes that the new republic will aid the people of Naboo against the foreign invaders.With the Queen of Theed and her people taking this stand against the one they call the “Queen of Lake Country”, it seems tensions are only going to continue to rise as the eyes of the Galaxy are on Naboo, awaiting the climax to this political show down.

GNN will continue to keep the community updated on future events unfolding on Naboo.

— Dometa Jo

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A sit down with Empress of Tetan Empire

December 12, 2011 5 comments

GNN Photo Journalist, Dometa Jo visited Mos Entha on Tatooine to speak with the Tetan Empire Empress. A brave woman who has been fighting for the people of Tetan since she was born. A mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. She is Empress Xera Kato.

Empress Keto from the Tetan Empire received out reporter in her outpost of Mos Entha, Tatooine. She was rather worn out looking; her pleasant demeanour hiding the horrible recent events that had occurred with her Empire. Losing the people she loved is a horrible thing I believe some of us out here in the Galaxy can relate to. The interview immediately began, with the Empress discussing recent events on Mos Entha. “It’s been very busy here on Mos Entha I’m sure you’ve heard a little about all the things going on with the Tusken Raiders’ raiding, the Silentium attacking and the Fel Empire trying to take over.”

Empress Xera Keto

All of this fighting going on Mos Entha, is taking a toll on the residents as they continue to fight for their lives. The Empress had this to say regarding their presence on Tatooine, “The Tetan Empire is actively engaged in all four affairs. While we have made some attempts to get into diplomatic contact with the Fel Empire it has not worked out and we have taken the field of battle several times when they have attacked allies of ours on Mos Entha. We will always honor our alliances by providing prompt assistance to any ally in need.. so we have had no choice but to battle the Fel Empire… just the other day a woman associated with us, Miss Ayeka dueled the Emperor and I believe took his arm… so I do not see diplomacy putting a swift end to this when hostility has reached this point.”

She then decided to point out that Mos Entha was being attacked by Tusken Raiders. The residents of the community are in an uproar. The Empress had this to say on these events. “The Tusken’s have been attacking often, we send the Legion out on regular patrol to defer any Tusken Raiders and often pursue them back into the desert. Then there is this unknown and mysterious group that has added more conflicts in the area, called by the locals the Silentium. Almost everyone in Mos Entha has had to deal with that crisis. We’re still not sure what they really want and know so little about them other then that they seem to be some form of sentient droids and seem to wish to wipe out all life on Tatooine.”

When asked about the sudden move from Tetan, the Empress held her ground by answering calmly and confidently “We left Kathalon and the colony there due to a dispute with the Commonwealth’s constant interference of our governing the colony… so we simply gave it back to them and returned our attention to the Empress Teta System. We’ve opened a few recruitment posts on other planets such as this one here on Mos Entha.. we’ve found many new recruits for the Legion here as well as been able to use the location to better facilitate diplomacy. Many diplomats would hesitate on trying to navigate the deep core so this makes a good neutral meeting ground.”

Moving the conversation forward, the interview went very personal, as I asked about the situation with her family, and the truth behind it all. She sat there and smiled, nodding her head confidently, “The Tetan Empire is just fine. We actually have more people now then we had before we left Kathalon. I divorced my husband because he did nothing which helped the Empire and only thought of himself. I removed my daughter from the Empire as she has no sense of reality and could not be a capable successor, caring more for chasing after boys then what happens with the Empire. Not a single true Tetan follows her or him.”

She continues to speak aloud, moving around in the chair as if uncomfortable. “I was not surprised about my husband but I had higher hopes for my daughter…” sighs lightly. “Yes. Just the other day two of our men took a trip to Yavin IV at the request of a Jedi Knight of Yavin. The men were there to gather samples of this toxin as we heard about it on the news and wanted to see what we could find out in order to help Yavin, but not much longer after the men arrived and attempted to take samples other Jedi Knight’s would ignite their lightsabers and began to threaten the men on a scientific mission with death. The men did not even draw their weapons yet the Jedi’s came very close to striking. At the same time a known Sith in the Princess of Roon was there and they ignored this known Sith and let her be while they focused their aggression on my people. This is the last in a long string of events that have proven to me that the Republic has very little future. It lacks vision, it lacks compassion and most of all it lacks heart. It is a thoughtless imitation of the Republic’s of yesterday. and it is depressing. The Tetan’s long ago were part of the Republic in the Hyperspace wars but now? I do not believe them to be any better then the Sith. Of course. I don’t mean to say all Republic world’s are bad but the bad in the Republic overall it’s outweighing the good. I take no pleasure in saying that, it is sad to me, but it is my view on the Republic right now.”

The Empress shifted in her seat, straighting up a bit as she sighs and explained what the Republic needed to do, “They need to get their act together. They need to streamline themselves to not be so tied up in neutrality so that they can actually accomplish something and that they should consider using diplomat’s when there is clearly a problem with other faction’s instead of dodging meeting with them like the last Chancellor Ma’at (Nephthys) did.”

And then she explained the future of the Tetan Empire, “Well right now our goal’s are to ensure the Fel Empire does not take over Mos Entha. to do something about the Silentium attacks and continue to ward off the Tusken attacks. Other then that we’re still making more diplomatic contacts and hoping one day to help form some form of alliance network with like minded groups. For too long has everything been black or white, Sith or Jedi. The silent majority in the middle need a voice so a future goal would be to help establish an alliance network for those of us who find ourselves in the middle, the gray zone.”

In conclusion the Empresses added “Do not to believe any rumors set forth by those with ill will. The Empire is alive and well and will continue to meet anyone who would threaten it on the battlefield.”

— Dometa Jo

Character Spotlight: Lady Malice

December 9, 2011 Comments off

On Byss, GNN Photojournalist Dometa Jo, had the chance to meet a rather interesting character. Her name is Lady Malice, a new initiate into the Byss academy. She agreed to do an interview, this is what followed.

New initiate of Byss Sith academy

Lady Malice, is one of the newest initiates of the Dark Lords of the Sith in Byss. She, was born on Dromund Kass. Her parents, living there for many years, were not native to the region. Her family originating from the world of Naboo.

This young enthusiastic initiate is hoping that the Sith will see her worthy enough to rise in the ranks of the order. For she has aspirations to become a mentor and master in the Dark Lords. Hoping that once she reaches the status of Darth, she can implement her wisdom and teachings to future sith initiates

Lady Malice explained her great interest in history, as it has become her passion ever since she was young. As she then went on to share a childhood story where books and holo novels were her only real comfort.

When she became older, Lady Malice decided to leave her home and set out forth into the Galaxy, on her own pilgrimage. She had the opportunity and privilege of studying ancient archaeological sights and this journey enhanced her passion of history and the lessons of the past.

Face to Byss Sith Imperial Citadel

During her travel, she visited Malachor V, which is still holding together at her amazement. She spent time in the ancient tombs in Korriban and studied the ancient ruins of Ludo Kressh’s stronghold of Rhelg. She also visited systems like Dxun, Naboo, or the desert wastelands of Tatooine, although she regretted “there is not much there.”

She explained her attraction for the travel; “one’s journey of knowledge is never finished and the planets which contain boundless information are still out there. One can only hope to see half of it in a lifetime. My passion for such knowledge will never diminish.”

Thanks to Lady Malice for allowing GNN to conduct this interview.

Paramour Family on Tython, Investigation

November 1, 2011 2 comments

While visiting the world of Tython, Galactic News interviewed The Governor of Tython, Bebe Benae.

Tython: The Governor of Tython, Bebe Benae, talked about her recent brush with death. She had taken ill due to a serious blood virus that had been attacking her white blood cells. She was quickly whisked away for treatment in an unknown location. This was not the first time The Governor of Tython had taken ill. Once before, collapsing on the senate floor at the ending of a senate meeting, unconscious and unresponsive. Later known that she was poisoned.

Governor Benae, speaking with Galactic News

Tython Governor Bebe Benae

The Governor returned back to Tython, in stable condition. The wheelchair she now resides in a reminder of the severity of the how close she came to being paralyzed or dead. Asked about her position in her office of Governor, she had this to say.

“Due to my recent brush with death and my condition, I am resigning as Governor of Tython. Senator Nasaji Oba will lead Tython, in my stead. I shall remain an adviser to The Political Council of Tython and help when I can. Until I am fully healed, I will be incapable of fulfilling the needs and obligations of the people of Tython.

I love Tython and know that Tython will be safe and taken care of. I shall always be here for The People of Tython. Until my last breath, I shall always have all of Tython in my heart. For I am proud of where I come from. Tython, my home, and my people.

Thank you for believing in me as I believe in you.”

Asking about the recent incident regarding Mrs. Benae’s mother. Master Paramour. Galactic news was told that Council Master Paramour of The NJO, had been experimented on. She was found unconscious outside of her ship that had crash landed in the forest, a few meters away from The Jedi Enclave. After a full physical was done, the medical report was released to the media. The report, shows that Master Paramour’s DNA had been altered.

Further investigation into the case is being done by local authorities. The only real evidence in this case, are ship logs that put Master Paramours ship leaving the city of Mos Espa, on Tatooine.

Galactic News will have more coverage on this when we know more.

— Ðometa Jo

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The Eternity Fleet

June 26, 2011 6 comments

The Eternity Fleet Admiral

Galactic News was invited for an interview, with the mysterious members of The Eternity Fleet.

On Bespin, a newly constructed station can be seen orbiting The City of New Tibannopolis, on Bespin. The station hosts several ship from the Ertnity fleet of the Admiral Xzhar Seatreader.

The admiral is an orphan from Tatooine, which was taught to pilot by Rhialto Tereshchenko in Bespin. Here he started to accumulate ships. He also received a formation of Jedi on Yavin 4. The fleet currently gather over 60 different classes of ships and a crew of 257 people. Those are used for a large set of mission; trading, intelligence, scientific. They can also be called to defend the allies and friends.

Admiral and Colonel Cygnus Vanusk, head of security and ground operations.

Currently, the admiral is allied with the Kalway order of the Jedi (KOJ) on Yavin 4 started an agreement with Tython. He’s working on forging an alliance with the New Republic. The diplomatic actions are slowed by the leading edge researches led by the Admiral’s staff, currently on power generation and botany.

The Eternity Fleet, seems to be a new force in the Galaxy. With their fleet and members, the Republic may want to consider these people allies, based on Bespin, very close to a hostile territory.

— Dometa Jo

Crisis on Jasier

May 12, 2011 14 comments

Recently on Jasier, one of Galaxy News Reporters happened to be visiting the lush beautiful world of Jasier.  The whole region having undergone new construction.  One of the most prominent structures would have to be the newly re-built Jedi temple. Where the Followers of Ashla and The Jedi Remnants coexist and work together to restore peace and defend the world of Jasier.

Jedi Temple on Jasier

It was then during this visit, when a commotion could be heard going on, as a battle broke out between members of Clan Fett and those of the Disciples of Ragnos (DOR). Also spotted were officials from the NTF, though their involvement is currently unknown. During the hostilities, Tetan Forces, which had arrived on the world earlier, entered into the conflict, aiding  Jasier’s defense forces against the DOR. Once help arrived, The Queen, her family, and this reporter left Jasier for Kathalon, where GNN was able  to interview a man who witnessed first hand the Jasier situation. The man identified himself as Ithoros, a mandalorian belonging to Clan Imari, who have been contracted to work alongside Tetan military forces.

Ithoros explained some of the Mandalorian dynamics that seem to have been the backdrop to the conflict. Ankara, Queen of Jasier, and one time mandalorian was branded as dar’manda by several of the clans, a punishment whereby someone is branded as an outcast by mandalorian society. He also added that usually the branding followed a shooting of the accused, but Ankara was lucky in this respect to still be alive. Ankara is also married to Nico Fett, leader of Clan Fett, who decided to leave her after her becoming dar’manda and had stepped on Jasier to claim his children, a son and daughter of the couple. DOR and possibly the NTF had added Nico in his attempt. However, Tetan forces had been on the planet and Ithoros along with the rest of Imari clan aided the Queen in her defence and escape. Its uncertain now what the relationship between the two mandalorianclans will be, as once they were close allies.


Upon being asked what the possible motivation would be for DOR and possibly the NTF to aid Nico, Ithoros gave the following theory, that they were going to take the children themselves once they helped Nico under the guise of removing the children from a brainwashing mother.Having a recording in his possession of the plot, Ithoros has been unable to have others including Nico himself to find the recording credible, but the mandalorian believes that the Sith wish to mold the children into loyal subjects. For now he is not fighting for or allying with either parent but is focusing on helping and defending the children. For now, Imari will help heal Ankara and the children until the Tetans find a safe haven for them.

GNN will continue coverage and obtain statements from the DOR, NTF, and other Mandalorian clans as they become available.

— Ðometa Jo, Rakiko Lowtide