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Private Investments in Zonama Sekot Development

June 16, 2012

After finishing up his stay on Zonama, reporter Rakiko Lowtide met an Echani by the name of Ericson who made an unusual announcement.

Zonama Sekot is home to several different species and cultures. Though many of these factions have far differing ideas they still live on Zonama peaceful and have accepted Salene Lusch as the planet’s magister, except for some rogue Yuuzhan Vong Clans. However there seems to be another small but growing group led by a man known as Ericson.

Ericson, a newcomer to Zonama Sekot, plans to make his mark on the mysterious system.

Ericson had been brought to Zonama Sekot from Nar Shaddaa in a coma state resulting from a disease. His sister had accepted help in exchange for her help in training the local militia. After his awakening, the tall Echani then set out to make his own mark on his new home world. Since that time he’s began drawing locals to himself at a compound deep within the jungle. It appears that chief Potentium healer as well as his sister have also joined with him. Ericson contacted GNN for a brief announcement.

Confident in his demeanor, Ericson made an announcement that he would soon bring his plan to fruition for Zonama, but declined details other than to say that the winds of change were coming. More curious he stated that he recently began gathering financial backing from a Law and Banking Firm from Coruscant. He stated that their goals were very similar to his own and that they would be backing more and more such operations throughout the galaxy. Not naming the Firm specifically he did imply that they were behind other movements in the galaxy, but that they would be making themselves more known in the coming future.

Though brief and vague, one cannot help but wonder if the Zonama is on the brink of facing another unusual threat. GNN well continue to keep the situation covered.

Sekot Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Morrigan Wemyss
    June 16, 2012 at 12:18 PM

    While paranoia is certainly the trend recently. Shaka has always had interest in the goings on of this world. Perhaps I shall look into this more closely. I am sure we can come to something beneficial to all involved.

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