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Kessel Gate renovates

November 28, 2013 Comments off

A reporter of Galactic News visited the Kessel Gate under renovation.

Po Vewe in the Starlight

Kessel Gate: The asteroid in the Kessel sector known as the Gate was seized by the planetary government due to tax issue with the Gate’s original investor Kaelinn X. A trial is still planned, but the authorities already started to invest in the asteroid’s renovation. According to Sergeant Major Po Vexe, the government understood this asteroid was an important stop and military position for the planet.

The Lower Hangar

A new lower hanger with a repair facility and an adjacent duty-free shop and an alchemist shop have been set to attract the travellers. The rebuilt is financed by Kessel. Expectantly, they will be refunded by the income of this facilities and the asteroid’s own industry. It indeed has a droid factory and yet closed mines. The mines are currently infested by large bugs despite the efforts voluntary spacers had made to chase them away.

The Rocket Down level

In the upper area of the asteroid still stands the Rocket Down cantina. It’s now surrounded by decorations and small garden. Also a new club, the StarLight, was set up to relax in security. All travellers and businessmen are welcome if they respect the Kessel laws.

– Daana Kira


Odominic night goes private

July 26, 2013 Comments off

The correspondant of Galactic News Network in Kessel Gate reported the Odominic Night.

Odominic Night once again at Kessel Gate saw an interesting turn of events. First came the traditional public meeting followed by a much longer series of private behind closed door meetings with Issulla Odominic, Meeka D’Lux and Rolga the Hutt in attendence.

First up for the public meeting was Master Marsh Solo with some information he promised last week at Odominic Night concerning attacks on the CIS world of Korriban. Master Solo reported that he had not been able to find any evidence such attacks ocured, or at least none that were recorded. He then asked if Odominic had heard any news of his missing saber and Odominic replied negatively.

Glimpse of the private meeting

The next person to bring public buisness to Odominic Night was Zinger, owner of the Rocket Down cantina on Kessel Gate. She said she was organizing a Pazzak tournament and offering cash prizes. Odominic agreed it sounded like a fun way to make some bank or maybe even run the bank, everyone agreed to discuss further since the launch date was still a little ways off.

And with that Meeka announced the public meetings over and dismissed the crowd so the private talks could begin. We spotted three people enter the chamber… a Mandalorian dressed in all black, later a lone female figure and finally what appeared to be Pinky, who was Gilbar the Hutts old Majordomo, but as to what was actually discussed we can only speculate.

X Play Expands into Bakura

January 28, 2013 Comments off

GNN Reporter Daana Kira visited X Play’s new club on Bakura.

Bakura: As the X Play name brand becomes a household name from hosting several high-profile galactic events such as the Galactic Swoop Race, pageants and treasure hunts, they’ve begun to expand their facilities as well.

Their club “Baby Girls” on Nar Shaddaa has become a popular fixture and now they’ve opened the “Baby’s Girl Rocket Down” on Bakura. X Play leader Kaelinn X and another member of the X Play inner circle were on hand to give a tour of their new facility.

Baby Girl’s Rocket Down is Open

Catering to the GAR, the club will of course be open to everyone but several of the themes and ideas have the troopers in mind. Not completely finished yet, the bar is open and some of the larger structures have been moved in such as the full-scale Walker from the Clone Wars era. Miss Kaelinn stated that she created this club as a way to honor the soldiers who have fought in so many wars without ever having the limelight. She stated that it was one of the duties of the entertainer to serve the soldier and this is her first initiative in the matter, honoring the GAR. However X Play is neutral to factions and such establishments for other military units throughout the galaxy are in the works.

Not only has the design and theme of the club been created with the troopers in mind, but several of the unique features such as a soap box to give frustrated or stressed individuals a place to vent have been included. Kaelinn X wants to create a fun relaxing environment for these troopers and others to come to have fun and let loose.

Minx Bade (left) and Kaelinn X (right) pose in front of the ancient GAR walker that’s taken center stage in the club

Bakura itself has several clubs already and X Play enters a highly competitive entertainment market but they believe that they can provide unique entertainment which X Play is known for to create niche. In fact they’ve received friendly overtures from others such as the famous Club 66 owned by Sihivus Verne and Kaelinn hopes they can work on projects with them. For now X Play is focusing on serving the individual and making sure that they receive the highest quality entertainment for their time and money.

On a final note, Kaelinn X stated that X Play is now entering their second stage of providing entertainment and the Galaxy is in for some real treats.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira